Q Awards Company Of The Year: BambooHR

The Human Touch Get you an employer who looks at you the way BambooHR looks at its 600 team members. Focused. Authentic. Humble. Hardworking. Consistent. Exceptional. That’s just a sampling of adjectives these leaders use when talking about the Bambooligans. “Now, I’m gonna get a little awkward here, but we regularly tell them we love […]

Best Company to Work For: BambooHR believes ‘work life should support the personal life’

[pullquote]Employees: 280 employees Founded: 2008 City: Lindon, Utah[/pullquote]BambooHR is in the people business — literally, figuratively, happily. “We founded this company, no joke, for the purpose of creating a great place to work,” co-founder Ben Peterson says. “Both Ryan (Sanders) and I felt strongly that work life should support the personal life — not vice versa. Happiness […]