UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: No. 4 Taft Clothing

Kory Stevens hates being barefoot. “I even sleep in my socks,” he says. It’s this very quirk that led Stevens to dip his (well covered) toe into the world of men’s footwear. Ready to walk a mile-a-minute in his shoes? He and his wife, Mallory, started a business that went from no-show socks, to designing […]

UV50: 30 Fastest-Growing Companies 2018

By Briana Stewart + Jeanette Bennett Think Fast. Meet 30 companies in a growing state of mind.                                                                       THE FINE PRINT The Fastest-Growing Companies list is […]

UV BusinessQ Board: How do you get out of a business rut?

In the Spring 2018 issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ, we asked our editorial board, “How do you get out of a business rut?” Their answers varied from changing scenery to moving on.   Jeff Rust, CEO, Corporate Alliance “Go to my favorite steam room to meditate. Send some thank-you cards. Play with my kids more (something […]

Utah Valley BusinessQ board members names their favorite brands to watch

In the Winter 2017 issue of Utah Valley BusinessQ, we asked our editorial board, “What brand are you loving right now?” Their answers varied, but their love for expertise didn’t. Kara Schneck, VP global corporate communications, Nu Skin Disney has that same magical feeling for me today that it had when I was a kid. […]

Risky business: 5 local entrepreneurs dish on the riskiest thing they’ve ever done

Entrepreneurs have guts. They create something from nothing. They breathe life into livelihood. And they trade cushy consistency for the unsettling unknown. So just how do they get those stomachs of steel? BusinessQ asked five local entrepreneurs to share the riskiest thing they’ve ever (or almost ever) done. Find out who used wedding presents as […]

New Kids on the Block: 30 business rockstars in their 30s

Kids these days. They create companies, they lead teams, they travel the world and they build hot dog empires like nobody’s business. It’s music to our pages. So BusinessQ hit the streets of Utah Valley and rounded up 30 in their 30s — young powerhouses who aren’t afraid of cornering in on some good ol’ fashioned […]

Mind our own business: Local entrepreneurs get candid about county culture

Utah Valley may just be the worst-kept secret.  From Forbes repeatedly naming us the Best Place for Business and Careers to giants like Adobe and Microsoft staking their claims, there’s no question the world knows we’re playing to win. But what do we know about our business culture? What is it really like to run […]