2020 Celebrity Lookalikes: Doug Perkins

HOMETOWN: Spanish Fork UV: When did people start saying you resemble Alan Alda? It started when I was in college in the 1980s. People said I looked just like the guy from M*A*S*H*. It has continued to happen here and there over the years. UV: Do you share any similarities with your celebrity twin in […]

2020 Celebrity Lookalikes: Jeff Sundwall

HOMETOWN: Alpine UV: When did people first start telling you that you resemble Hermey the Elf? In high school people started saying, “Jeff, you look just like the elf on the Rudolph movie!” and “You ARE him!” At first, I was a little embarrassed, but now I think it’s funny and I just go with […]

Double Takes: Seven Local Celebrity Lookalikes

Each year we call on readers to submit local lookalikes, and then we select a collection of carbon copies to feature. These twinners are frequently asked “Has anyone ever told you . . .?” and find themselves the object of stares at the airport. This year, our picks span genres ranging from an HGTV star […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Adam Weight as Robert Downey Jr.

Springville native Adam Weight is frequently told he resembles Robert Downey Jr., specifically his character Tony Stark in the superhero movie “Iron Man.” When the movie came out, neighbors started getting a kick out of seeing “Tony Stark” at church, and several people at work started calling Adam “Tony.” The airport was one the most […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Ryan LeMone as Milo Ventimiglia

Ryan LeMone’s wife, Cydney, has an eye for lookalikes. Three of her submissions to Utah Valley Magazine have been featured — Ryan Bunker as Andrew Lincoln, Lindsay Bunker as Gwen Stefani and now her husband as actor Milo Ventimiglia. Milo Ventimiglia plays Jack Pearson on TV show “This Is Us.” Cydney thought her husband looked […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Chanel Gentry as Joanna Gaines

When TV show “Fixer Upper” premiered, people started telling Chanel Gentry she looked just like Joanna Gaines. “When people tell me I look like her, I like to jokingly ask if I can come design their house,” Chanel says. Chanel’s celebrity resemblance helped her with her Halloween costume two years ago. “I dressed up as […]

Top 10 feature stories on UtahValley360 in 2017

Before we welcome the New Year, we are taking one more look back at 2017. Throughout the year, we’ve seen growth — a ton of growth — in Utah County. There have been stories that have made us laugh and stories that have made us cry. As one last hurrah, we take one last look […]

Twinning is winning: Seven local celebrity lookalikes

Each year we ask readers to submit their local celebrity lookalikes — and every year, they deliver almost-famous faces. This year’s collection of civilian clones includes staple starlets, a quirky Food Network personality and even an LDS apostle! Are these seven locals stunt-double worthy? Take a look and decide for yourself. Guess which celebrity for […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Orem’s Ryan Lunt and Jack Black

Ryan Lunt, who grew up in Orem, was first told he resembles Jack Black at age 15. He was working at Sun River Gardens when two employees mentioned he reminded them of “Nacho Libre” after seeing the recently released movie. Another lookalike moment occurred when Ryan was at a gas station in Winnemucca, Nevada. Someone […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Eagle Mountain’s Daryl Petersen and Guy Fieri

  Daryl Petersen is a local real estate agent who is known for his resemblance to Guy Fieri. A few years ago, Daryl made a deal with one of his clients that he would bleach his hair and go full Guy Fieri mode for the annual client appreciation party if he could list the client’s […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Lindon’s Shannen Crane Camp and Rose McIver

Shannen Camp is a huge fan of her celebrity twin sister, Rose McIver. Rose is a New Zealand actress who may be relatively unknown amongst mainstream media fans, but she is a cult favorite among fantasy film and fiction devotees. Which is fitting because Shannen is a young adult fiction author with more than 13 […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Springville’s McKenna Hixson and Reese Witherspoon

People have been telling Springville resident McKenna Hixson she looks like Reese Witherspoon for years. “It’s funny because I think I am actually closer to Reese’s daughter in age than Reese,” McKenna says. “But I definitely take it as a compliment.” McKenna is right — Reese Witherspoon is 41, her daughter Ava is 17, and […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Spanish Fork’s Josh Rohatinsky and Matt Meese

As the father of four young children, Josh Rohatinsky knows all about BYUtv’s popular sketch comedy show Studio C. But it’s not just his own kids who think he looks like cast member Matt Meese. “I get a lot of parents coming up and telling me their kids wanted them to ask if I am […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Mapleton’s Ali MaCall Jenkins and Elizabeth Olsen

Elizabeth Olsen isn’t the first celebrity that Mapleton native Ali MaCall Jenkins has been compared to. In fact, Ali was a part of our magazine’s lookalike contest when she was just 2 years old. Back in 2004, Ali was frequently told she resembled Elizabeth Olsen’s twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Talk about keeping it […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Lindon’s Glen Ricks and Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Local photographer Glen Ricks was first told he looks like Elder Ronald A. Rasband a couple years ago — but he actually met Elder Rasband more than 25 years ago when he photographed a wedding Elder Rasband officiated in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Glen was serving in an LDS Young Single Adult ward and […]

2016 Utah Valley Magazine covers: A year in review

For 16 years, Utah Valley Magazine has had Utah Valley covered. With six annual issues, 2016’s covers held a lot of familiar faces. We’ve shared your favorite recurring sections — celebrity lookalikes, Fab 40, high schoolers who will change the world — and talked to high profile local celebrities (cough, Donny Osmond, cough). As you […]

Celebrity lookalikes: 8 locals who are totally twinning with celebrities

These local lookalikes and their celebrity counterparts aren’t related — but their bone structure begs to differ. From NBA ballers to Broadway belters, this year’s collection of lookalikes is totally twinning. JD Mallder and David Cook Hometown: Provo JD Mallder looks like David Cook, and his middle name is David — but that is where […]

Celebrity lookalikes: 8 locals who will make you do a double-take

Each year, we ask readers for local lookalike nominations, and these 8 celebrity twins rose to the top of our inbox for this issue’s double-take. Whether it’s Amy Poehler’s signature smirk or Maggie Gyllenhaal’s subtle smile — they’ve got the look! Sarah Jane Marchant and Michelle Dockery [pullquote] Who is Michelle Dockery? Michelle Dockery is a […]

Lookalikes: Seeing Stars in Utah Valley

Listen up lookalike lovers — we’ve got a collection of not-so-evil twins who are carbon copies of their celebrity counterparts. From Matt Damon to Ferris Bueller, these separated-at-birth local lookalikes will leave you starstruck.  Tami Sanders and Amanda Peet [pullquote] Who is Amanda Peet? Amanda Peet is a film, stage and television actress who has appeared in films including “Saving Silverman” […]