Ideas for teaching children about the last week of Christ’s life

Easter can be a tricky holiday for Latter-day Saints. Traditional celebrations include the Easter Bunny, eggs, candy, Easter egg hunts and new clothes. Religious celebrations have nothing to do with these rituals, but instead focus on Jesus Christ and His atonement. It’s up to each LDS family to choose how to celebrate Easter. But if […]

What a dog taught me about the atonement

When I was a teenager, I had a dog named Butch — a springer spaniel-black labrador mix. My friend gave me Butch for free, and you know what they say, you get what you pay for. Butch had a strange yet endearing personality. When we would come home from church, or anywhere else, he’d sprint […]

5 great Christ figures in modern literature

The scriptures and the words of living prophets are the best place to learn about the Savior, His mission and His love. The Savior’s ministry as recorded in the New Testament and his visit to the Nephites as recorded in The Book of Mormon both bear powerful witness of His divinity and the reality of […]

How science explains the Star of Bethlehem

As we celebrate the birth of Christ this week, Christians around the world are rereading and retelling the story of the nativity. The story is rich in imagery, complete with angels, shepherds, innkeepers and a new star in the East. The story has been told and retold so many times that it can sometimes feel more like folklore than […]

The year President Monson gave Christmas to immigrants

With Christmas just around the corner, busy families have more than enough to worry about. For most people, Christmas means concerts to attend, gifts to wrap, parties to attend and food to eat. But the most meaningful and memorable Christmases are usually those when we forget about ourselves and reach out to those most in […]

Reaching hearts: Utah County Christian minister helps others follow Jesus

There is no shortage of religion in Utah County. But Nathanial Wall, a Lehi resident and follower of Jesus, is considered a minority: He’s one of Utah Valley’s 0.5 percent who identifies himself as an evangelical Christian. Wall’s upbringing was unlike that of most of his Utah neighbors. Raised by a very young single mother […]

A peculiar people: How Mormons compare to other religious groups

A study by the Pew Research Center confirmed what Utah County residents already know — there are a lot of Mormons here, and a lot of them are Republicans. But members of the LDS Church didn’t top the charts in a few categories they might have expected to “win” in The Pew Research Center’s Religion […]