Taste Owners Morgan and Char Coleman Create Experiences for the Holidays

  Food brings people together, but chocolate has a special ability to minimize differences and help people make friends — which is really what Christmas is all about. “I don’t care how you lean politically or religiously. When you come and sit down over chocolate, everyone can find something they agree on,” Char Coleman says. […]

2019 Fab 40: Quinn Peterson

Age 31 City Provo Quinn wears many hats. There’s the executive director of Downtown Provo hat that he wears as his day job, the hat of owner and founder of QP Collections that he wears as a wildly successful side gig, and the I-can-build-anything hat he wears to create an extravagant tree house, a greenhouse […]

The razor sharp Man Barber specializes in razor shaves

When Reise Malachowski was in high school, he cut his friends’ hair and became a licensed barber at MATC. Now he owns and operates The Man Barber, a traditional barbershop in downtown Provo, where he cuts hair five days a week. An appointment at The Man Barber begins with a man-to-barber consultation about the client’s […]

Rockwell so totally rocks the ice cream scene

By Mary Crafts-Homer It seems my restaurant reviews having been getting much more positive as of late. I don’t know if that’s because I’m just getting soft in my old age or because the restaurant scene in Utah Valley is getting that much better! As many of you know, I fashion myself a bit of […]

Here Provo builds community with new store in downtown Provo

[pullquote] If you go… When: 11 a.m. – 9 p.m. Monday through Saturday beginning Thursday, June 30 Where: Here Provo, 26 W. Center St., Provo Cost: FREE Website: Instagram.com/here_provo Vendor Application: hereprovo.com [/pullquote] Downtown Provo has come back to life in recent years as the heart and center of Utah Valley. With new restaurants and […]

Provo restaurants benefit most from temple open house

Downtown Provo restaurants saw some pretty big business increases over the last few months, with 800,000 people filtering through the area to tour the new LDS Provo City Center Temple. “Restaurants are saying it was awesome,” said Provo deputy mayor Dixon Holmes. “Anecdotally, 25 to 30 percent increases.” A lot of people spent time planning […]

Provo spending hundreds of thousands to prepare for temple open house

Over nine weeks starting Jan. 15, between 800,000 and 900,000 people are expected to make their way to Provo to tour the new LDS Provo City Center Temple. Those people likely will need places to park, signs to direct them to the temple and other services, pamphlets to tell them where to eat and shop, […]

Brick by brick: A then and now look at Utah County buildings

Though the owners didn’t lay the cornerstones, modern-day entrepreneurs are making history with structures built 100 years ago. Then Just west of these shops in historic Downtown Provo is Mullet-Hoover, a jewelry and engraving company that has been shining diamonds and fixing watches in the same shop on Center Street since 1926. Frank Mullett opened […]

Don’t fear the crowd: Fun for all at Freedom Fest

America’s Freedom Festival at Provo almost is upon us, and with it come concerts, festival shopping, food, entertainment, art, fireworks and thousands of people in downtown Provo. But you don’t have to be afraid of those crowds — there’s plenty of parking if you’re willing to walk a little farther, lots of restaurants and food […]

Provo retail woes seek solutions in community event

Years after the loss of major retail stores like Target and Nordstrom, Provo residents are questioning whether the city’s retail environment will thrive or be left forgotten. Looking toward its big brother city to the north, Orem, residents wonder why Provo’s destination retail just isn’t happening. And Mayor John Curtis is answering their retail therapy needs […]

Provo Christmas album packages multiple goals into one successful product

Christmas is a season of giving, and this year, Provo City is sharing the gift of its vibrant music scene and charity with the world. What started as a handful of music videos to promote local musicians and the Christmas spirit blossomed into an effort to raise $30,000 for the United Way of Utah County’s […]

Provo parking plan in the works

There aren’t enough parking spaces downtown. Public parking isn’t well-marked. Apartment complexes don’t have enough parking spaces. Businesses don’t have enough parking for employees and customers. People going to BYU take up all the on-street parking. If you’ve lived in Provo, or tried to park somewhere in the city, then you probably know parts of […]

Downtown Provo ‘is definitely the place’

Lehi-based Forge Companies is responsible for big changes coming to downtown Provo — first with it’s 63 Center project, then the Eighty East project (at 80 N. 100 East) and now the Provo Community Church renovation on University Avenue. Forge Companies CEO Ryan Freeman told the Provo council this week that 50 percent of the […]

Food trucks get green light in Provo

Provo now has a food truck law that keeps the mobile restaurants out of the downtown district — with some exceptions, and requires background checks for owners and drivers and a business license to operate, while still allowing for the Thursday Food Truck Roundup. At a work meeting two weeks ago about a draft ordinance […]

Sing it from the Rooftop: Provo concert series celebrates fifth anniversary season

As the setting sun bathes the backdrop of the Wasatch Front in a rosy glow, a capacity crowd tightly packs into an outdoor concert, eagerly awaiting music from the cream of Provo’s musical crop beneath a zigzag of white Chinese lanterns. But the wall-to-wall masses aren’t seated on a grassy knoll or stone amphitheater. They’re […]

To tow or not to tow: Provo council to vote on changes

In October last year Provo Mayor John Curtis announced on his blog that he was considering changes to the city’s towing law. That post ended up with 539 comments, most of which recounted booting and towing horror stories. More than a year in, and nearly a semester into a towing pilot program, the Provo Municipal […]