10 preparedness tips that have nothing to do with food storage

Words like “preparedness” and “self-reliance” are often considered synonymous with “food storage” — and rightly so. For years, LDS Church leaders have counseled members to increase self-reliance by keeping at least three months’ worth of food on hand, with more long-term food storage as circumstances permit. But there are some preparedness principles that have nothing to do […]

5 food storage-friendly recipes

Food storage is meant for when times are the worst, but sometimes a busy schedule can prevent you from getting to the store. If you have a collection of dry goods, canned goods, camp stoves and generators stored away on your shelf, you always have a backup meal. But difficult circumstances doesn’t have to mean disastrous meals. Here […]

Is my food storage safe to eat?

You’re standing there in your basement with a very old can of soup in your hand. You bought the soup about 10 years ago, along with various other food items, as part of your food storage program. You search for an expiration date on the can but find none. Do you dare to eat it? […]

5 self-reliance tips for YSAs

The words “family home storage” and “preparedness” often conjure images of large shelves lined with wheat and canned peaches. But the commandment to be self-reliant applies to everyone, even young single adults with no storage rooms and no canning supplies. The Church’s official counsel to all members is this: “To help care for themselves and their families, […]