Special Delivery: Nick and Morgan Peterson Keep Smiling Through Birth and Biopsy

On March 14, 2019, Nick Peterson learned that the sinus infection he had been fighting for two months was in fact an aggressive cancer called sinonasal undifferentiated carcinoma, or SNUC. Nick received his diagnosis over the phone while attending an OB/GYN check-up with his wife, Morgan. The Springville couple were expecting the birth of their […]

Double the Dreamers: Brad and Shae Robins Reach For the Stage and Lift Each Other

Brad Robins and Shae Hunsaker met in 2011 as members of BYU Young Ambassadors. That summer they toured to South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland with the group. “On Young Ambassadors, we had a variety of experiences — onstage, offstage, in the limelight, out of the limelight. That gave us an opportunity to see each other […]

The Comeback Couple: Ashlynn and Coby Mitchell Overcome Addiction and Betrayal

For the first 15 years of their marriage, both Ashlynn and Coby Mitchell suffered in silence. Their marriage was more like a cautionary tale than the material for a “Happy Couples” article. But through hard work, a commitment to change and ongoing therapy, they transformed their story to one of triumph and are now sharing […]

Ronell and Ricky Lynn Crossley grin about 40 years of exchanging love notes

   When Ricky Lynn first saw her husband, Ronell Crossley, she only remembered his shoes. This Wyoming boy had taken his home fashion of cowboy boots and a big belt buckle with him to college in Utah — and to an institute kickoff activity. “He was kind of looking my way. And I thought, ‘I […]

Kaitlin and Reed Harris Smile Through Life’s Surprises

  By Kayla Baggerly    Kaitlin and Reed’s engagement story landed them on KSL, the Today Show and Ellen.    On Feb. 24, 2009, Reed picked up a gorgeous ring. He initially planned on proposing at a fancy restaurant a few days later, but the ring was burning a hole in his pocket and he […]

Marc and Paka Martial Keep a Sunny Outlook in the Face of Infertility

On their first date, Marc Martial asked Paka an important question. “I was already 27, and I didn’t want to waste time. I asked, ‘Do you see this going somewhere?’ And even though we hardly knew each other, she said, ‘Sure.’ We continued dating and got married.” Through infertility and sudden parenthood, this Orem couple […]

Happy couples: Still the one

She’s an advocate for mental health awareness, and he’s a lover of goats and guitars. Together Heather and Jed Shuler are raising five children and a marriage that started in high school and has grown along with their challenges and successes. The beginning Heather and Jed Shuler met at Payson High School. “She was the […]

Happy couples: We can do hard things

When Missy and Andy Liston were told they were selected as one of Utah Valley Magazine’s “Happy Couples,” they laughed. Which is exactly what makes them an ideal couple to feature — they readily admit their strengths and weaknesses and don’t take themselves too seriously. The beginning  Missy and Andy both went to Orem High […]

Happy Couples: Doyle and Linda Hatfield

This is one in four of Utah Valley Magazine’s “Happy Couples” series. Once Upon a Time She was 14. He was 20. Newly married, Doyle and Linda Hatfield didn’t have a home yet. “We were living in a motel, had $10 to our name and debated whether or not to spend $3 on a frying […]

Happy Couples: David and Linda Bradford

This is one in four of Utah Valley Magazine’s “Happy Couples” series. Once Upon a Time They are successful entrepreneurs, they hold doctorate degrees, they are parents to four, grandparents to 16 and friends to hundreds — but the titles David and Linda Bradford hold most dear are “husband” and “wife.” “We balance each other […]

Happy Couples: Gig and Susan Griffith

This is one in four of Utah Valley Magazine’s “Happy Couples” series. Once Upon a Time Susan and Gig Griffith started their life together in April 1989 — give or take a week. A meaningful conversation made Susan think they were already engaged, but the beginning of their life together more ceremoniously began when Gig […]

Happy Couples: Chris and Heidi Alldredge

This is one in four of Utah Valley Magazine’s “Happy Couples” series. Once Upon a Time Chris and Heidi Alldredge dated for a short five weeks before he popped the question 23 years ago — and it’s worked out, they say, because they’ve been dating each other ever since. Early in their marriage, Chris created […]

Happy Couples

Meet three of Utah Valley’s most twitterpated twosomes who are dancing, skiing and dating their way through everyday life.  Erin & Bobby Swenson, Cedar Hills By Emily James Erin and Bobby Swenson want to do it all, and they want to do it together. The couple met in summer 2008 and were married August 2009. A cousin […]