3 online helps for new ward organists

Imagine this: You can play the piano and you are comfortable accompanying groups in quorum or auxiliary meetings, but you’ve never learned to play the organ. The ward organist will be out of town next week and has asked you to fill in during sacrament meeting. What do you do? Answer: Use your resources at LDS.org. The Church […]

5 hymns added to (+5 hymns omitted from) the 1985 hymnal

Thirty years ago, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints released a newly revised version of its official hymnal. The release celebrated another milestone — it was 150 years after the publication of the Church’s first book of hymns in 1835. The Church’s collection of hymns had undergone several revisions before 1985; however, few revisions have been […]

‘We’ll sing and we’ll shout’

By Kaitlyn Ward Twice a year, the 400-plus LDS Church meetinghouses in Utah County sit dormant on Sunday. The normally bustling buildings are traded for worshiping from the couch (or the Conference Center, for the lucky 21,200). Sunday best turns into pajama bottoms, and three hours of church turns into 10 (if you count Priesthood […]