The problem with ‘How many kids do you want?’

As women, we are often judged in relation to our family status. Are you dating? If not, why not? If you are, when are you getting married? If you’re married, when are you having kids? If you’re not having kids, why not? If you have kids, how many more are you going to have? As […]

LDS family shares infertility struggles, joy after birth of quadruplets

To say that Pleasant Grove’s Tyson and Ashley Gardner’s lives have changed since Dec. 28, 2014 would be an understatement. Now their days consist mainly of visits to the hospital to see their newborn quadruplets in the NICU. Between visits, Ashley pumps and Tyson sends updates to the “Gardner Quad Squad’s” nearly 400,000 Facebook fans. They’re also filming a TLC […]

12 life-changing bills you missed at the Utah State Legislature

Every year, your Utah state senator and representative gather with all other Utah lawmakers for 45 intense days of debating, politicizing and lawmaking. Last week, gavels pounded in the State Capitol building, ringing the end of the 2014 session. Think politics is a snoozer? Well, maybe. But here are some laws that passed (and others […]

How LDS Family Services adoption works

Today marks the beginning of National Adoption Month, giving families closely involved with adoption a chance to pause and reflect on the journey that brought them to where they are today. For many of these families in Utah Valley, part of their reflection will involve remembering their experience with the Family Services Center through The […]

The ‘child-full’ life

This article was first posted on Alisha’s blog, The Little Love Bucket, and is shared here with her permission.  I have read a dozen articles that justify living a “child-free” life. The Time magazine featured it, New York Times columnists have written about it, and statistics show that Americans are embracing it. It sounds like a fun lifestyle, and […]

So … When you gonna have kids?

By Douglas for “When are you going to have kids?” Nearly every married has received this question one or a thousand times. While this question is socially acceptable, it is actually disrespectful and intrusive to a couple’s privacy, at least that is what Douglas has seen. In his editorial piece, Douglas explains why people […]