40 under 40: Logan Deans

InsideSales.com, Provo AGE: 36 BORN: Denver, Colo. TITLE: VP of strategy Voted “class clown” in high school, Logan Deans has had giant shoes to fill. And amazingly enough, his list of accomplishments is as impressive as it is fun: full-ride scholarship to BYU as a running back; writer/director of student EMMY award-winning short, “Pet Shop;” […]

Risky business: 5 local entrepreneurs dish on the riskiest thing they’ve ever done

Entrepreneurs have guts. They create something from nothing. They breathe life into livelihood. And they trade cushy consistency for the unsettling unknown. So just how do they get those stomachs of steel? BusinessQ asked five local entrepreneurs to share the riskiest thing they’ve ever (or almost ever) done. Find out who used wedding presents as […]

40 under 40: Meet Utah Valley’s most wanted whippersnappers

Now these are persons of interest. We’re talking 40 local pros who are low on years but tops on talent — forty business-changers who prove youth isn’t always wasted on the young. BusinessQ did the county a favor and rounded up the overachievers. Scan through the lineups, find out what alias they’d put on their […]