The U.C.: Instagramming subculture uplifts scrolling, double-tapping fingers

Instagram has millions of fingers scrolling. Since its release in October 2010, the popular social media app has grown to more than 800 million users — that’s two and a half times more than the population of the United States. Of those 800 million, 77.6 million Instagrammers are from the United States, with about 870,000 […]

UV relatable: Mom parody relents social media envy in motherhood

The struggles of mothering in the social media era are real. With social media comparison being a downer, Christian singer Selah created a parody for Mother’s Day to Little Big Town’s “Girl Crush.” The parody, “Mom Crush,” tells the whoas of modern-day mommas comparing themselves to the Pinterest-perfect families they see on social media. “As a mom, […]

14 tips to feed the social media beast

Like me! Share me! Subscribe to me! Retweet me! Social media is kinda needy, right? Excuse me. Riiiiiight?! But let’s be real. We need it as much as it needs us. Businesses can live or die by their social status. It’s like high school — but with hashtags and better hair. #hairgoals Social platforms aren’t […]

5 things you didn’t know about running an Internet-based business

Written By Kortni Jeane Niccoli, founder of Kortni Jeane swimwear in Provo 1. Social media is power. My Internet-based business would be nowhere without my customers, and the best way to build that relationship is through social media. My business grew tremendously just by starting an Instagram account. But the Internet is saturated with retail […]

Someday you’ll forget: 4 memory-keeping ideas for busy parents

Will my kids need therapy when they’re older because I’ve failed to properly document their childhood? Don’t laugh — it’s a question that has honestly kept me up at night. Sure, I’ve got pictures of their childhood — maybe a thousand pictures per kid, which is approximately 998 more pictures than my parents ever took […]

7 non-traditional ways to record your family’s history

Remember your Grandma’s “Book of Remembrance”? Or your father’s detailed, daily journal? Those are great ways for recording important events, but they’re by no means the only options available anymore. If writing for several minutes every night isn’t your style, try one of these creative ways for preserving your family’s story. 1. Photo books Digital […]

Hey mom, put down the phone: 5 tips for cutting down phone time

I pull up to the curb outside my daughter’s school to drop her off at kindergarten and watch while she walks up to the door. If we’re early — and we’re usually not — I’ve got a minute or so to kill while she waits outside her classroom’s exterior door. Without putting much thought into […]

10 ways parents eat their words

We all have lofty ideals about raising our kids. And then we all eat crow about them. 1. “I will never use the TV as a babysitter.” Total meltdown. Sesame Street marathon. Netflix is your saving grace.   2. “I will never let my kid eat processed food.” Until he starves, because he refuses to […]

UV moms rule the social media roost

Moms are power users of social media — this we know. And moms with mobile devices? Well, that’s just fuel for the fire. According to BabyCenter’s 2013 Social Mom Report, moms with mobile devices and Facebook pages access Facebook on their mobiles at least weekly in significantly higher numbers than their childless counterparts. Twitter? Same story. […]