Daily COVID-19 update: Thursday, March 26, 2020

Today’s edition of COVID-19 includes a vocabulary lesson, statistics on the reduction of miles we’re driving, and some good news about the non-spike of positive tests Utah is reporting. Here are my 18 takeaways from this alternate universe we are getting used to. Stay At Home Vs. Shelter In Place These two phrases have been […]

Romney and Curtis clear winners in Republican primary

About 30 minutes after the polls closed Tuesday night, two major races had clear winners: Mitt Romney for U.S. Senate and John Curtis in the 3rd Congressional District. “It looks like our team won the primary, and we understand at this point there were a record number of people who voted in this primary,” Romney […]

2017 Utah Valley Magazine covers: A year in review

For 17 years, Utah Valley Magazine has had Utah Valley covered. With six annual issues, 2017’s covers held a lot of familiar faces. We’ve shared your favorite recurring sections — celebrity lookalikes, Fab 40, high schoolers who will change the world — and introduced you to actors, politicians, singers and radio personalities. As you prepare […]

Michelle Kaufusi becomes Provo’s first female mayor

Provo has its third mayor in a month, but this time the office-holder should stay for at least four years. On Tuesday night, Mayor-elect Michelle Kaufusi became Interim Mayor Kaufusi, after the city council unanimously approved her. Her interim term ends Jan. 1, 2018, when she’ll officially become mayor. She is the first woman to […]

Curtis headed to Congress, results in many other races uncertain

Though results won’t be final for weeks, Republican John Curtis is headed to Washington to replace Jason Chaffetz, who left office in June. As of Tuesday night, Curtis led Democrat Kathie Allen 57 percent to 27 percent. Allen conceded the Third Congressional District race not long after results started rolling in. However, the vote tallies […]

Curtis (likely) wins 3rd Congressional primary; 1000s of ballots left to count

It’s (almost) official — Provo Mayor John Curtis won the Republican nomination for the 3rd Congressional District race to replace Jason Chaffetz. Almost, because there are still tens of thousands of ballots left to count in Utah County. Curtis’s opponent, Tanner Ainge, conceded the race around 9 p.m., after polls closed at 8 p.m. His […]

John Curtis responds to negative ads with comical negative flier-use suggestions

Provo Mayor John Curtis knows how to make junk mail useful — at least that’s what he demonstrates in a video response to negative fliers. Curtis is one of three Republican candidates vying for votes in the special election for the 3rd Congressional District. Tanner Ainge, who just secured an endorsement from former vice presidential […]

ICYMI: 25 Alpine homes evacuated; John Curtis GOP campaign raises the most funds

In case you took a break from the news this weekend, here are the top local news stories. Saratoga Springs man makes finalist list for the Lays Chip flavor contest  Saratoga Spring’s Brandon Foster submitted “smoked gouda and honey” to the “Do Us a Flavor” contest, presented by PepsiCo Frito Lays, reported The Daily Herald. Foster’s […]

John Curtis delivers more than double the amount of signatures needed to the state capitol

Final number: 15,525 signatures!#curtisforcongress pic.twitter.com/fUnCZHqyuj — John Curtis (@Curtisut) June 12, 2017 John Curtis delivered 15,525 total signatures — more than double the amount of signatures needed — to the Utah State Capitol Monday morning to secure a spot on the GOP congressional primary ballot. “Every professional I spoke with two and a half weeks ago […]

‘Engaged, experienced and effective’: John Curtis makes move for Congress

It’s official — Provo Mayor John Curtis has announced he will run for the 3rd Congressional District seat. After a week of teasing his announcement about running for the seat left vacant by Rep. Jason Chaffetz, Curtis joins 10 other candidates running for the soon-to-be-vacant 3rd Congressional District seat: Brigham Rhead Cottam, Rep. Brad Daw (R-Orem), Christopher Niles Herrod […]

Utah-Tube: Provo Mayor Curtis creates music video explaining his job

In an effort to better explain what it is a mayor does, Provo Mayor John Curtis created a music video to share with students on career day at local schools. “Each year I get to participate in career days at some of our local schools,” Curtis wrote on his blog. “I love it but I […]

Provo’s 2017 goals: Keep Provo prosperous

This year Provo will tackle parking problems with new vigor, start working on expanding the airport’s terminal, turn BRT critics to fans, work on a city center solution, and more. In front of the largest crowd ever for a Provo State of the City address, Mayor John Curtis listed his goals for 2017 — his […]

Provo Mayor Curtis: No third term for me

Provo Mayor John Curtis announced Tuesday morning that he won’t run for a third term as mayor. In a video message posted on his blog, Curtis said he’s thought hard about another term. “After almost a year of heavy deliberation, I have decided not to seek a third term. … (It’s) based on a deep […]

Mayor Curtis: New Allegiant flight from Provo to San Diego

Starting at the end of September, you can fly from Provo to San Diego. Mayor John Curtis announced the new Allegiant flight this morning on his blog. Allegiant will fly between the two cities twice a week. It already flies from Provo to Oakland, California; Mesa, Arizona; and Los Angeles. The flight to San Diego […]

#SoldOut: Provo Women’s Day more popular than planners projected

If you were hoping to make it to the Provo Women’s Day daytime events, film screening of “Suffragette” or the dance party, but haven’t RSVP’d yet for tickets — bad news, it’s too late. All those events are sold out. But there’s still space open for the free evening bike ride, art discussion and music event […]

Provo mayor goals: Cleaner air, more women in government, financial stewardship

Maintaining and improving quality of life, continuing to realize the importance of stewardship and helping city employees succeed — that is Provo Mayor John Curtis’s 2016 agenda. Curtis gave his annual State of the City address Tuesday afternoon, and made sure anyone who wanted to watch or participate could. The speech was broadcast live and […]

Provo city declines to buy Provo High

The sale of the Provo High School property cleared another hurdle on Tuesday night, with the Provo council officially declining to buy it. When a school district announces that it’s selling a property in an urban area, the city has the first right to buy it, said Brian Jones, council attorney. If it wants, it […]

Provo residents will vote on RAP tax in 2015 elections

Provo residents will vote in November on a new sales tax — 1 cent for every $10 spent — to fund recreation, arts and parks projects. The Provo city council voted 5-0 (Councilman Kay Van Buren and Councilwoman Calli Hales abstained) to put the tax on the Nov. 3 ballot. A survey of registered voters […]

Get the trash out: Volunteers needed on Provo River Aug. 1

Last month Ryley Kennard and her father decided to go kayaking on Provo River between Geneva Road and Utah Lake — an area where the water moves slow enough that you can paddle up or down stream. But when they got in the water, she noticed tons of trash lining the river bed. “It was […]

BRT: Should it stop or should it go?

  Utah County Commissioner Bill Lee says voters should have a say in how $65 million in sales tax revenue is spent; Provo Mayor John Curtis says they already have. The men debated Tuesday morning whether there should be a referendum on local funding of a Bus Rapid Transit system in Provo and Orem. The […]

Coming in May: Provo announces new dog park plans

Provo Mayor John Curtis told residents they’d be getting a dog park, and he’s making good on that promise — and fast. He only made the announcement at his state of the city address in February, and the dog park should be open for roaming and playing by the end of May, Curtis announced on […]

Provo not switching to total vote by mail this year

It looks like vote by mail in Provo is dead, at least for this election year. After a discussion on a survey of Provo residents and costs, Provo Mayor John Curtis said the change won’t happen this year. “I don’t see us putting it in,” he said, of putting the extra cost in the next […]

Provo’s got a brand-new flag

It’s taken many months, but Provo’s council on Tuesday night decided on a new flag design for the city. The flag uses the city’s logo — the sun rising over mountains with a lake in the foreground — on a blue background. Councilman Stephen Hales, who owns an advertising agency, was part of a three-person committee […]

Rec fees — and more — may rise in Provo to recover costs

Recovering 100 percent of costs from users could mean several things: For Provo city, it could mean more revenue for city projects and a more sustainable budget. For residents, it could mean increased fees for services like the recreation center, building inspections or maybe even the library. The city council on Tuesday decided to have […]

Provo parking plan in the works

There aren’t enough parking spaces downtown. Public parking isn’t well-marked. Apartment complexes don’t have enough parking spaces. Businesses don’t have enough parking for employees and customers. People going to BYU take up all the on-street parking. If you’ve lived in Provo, or tried to park somewhere in the city, then you probably know parts of […]

The end is near for Provo flag debate

After more than a year of discussion, online voting and meetings, Provo finally might have a new flag. The Provo council on Tuesday decided that it would officially vote on one flag design on Nov. 11. Mayor John Curtis first brought up the issue of a new flag on his blog in March 2013, asking […]

Note to selfie: 7 tips for that perfect shot

Let’s face it. Taking pictures of yourself on your iPhone can be fun. (You know you have some on your camera roll right now). But, the art of selfie-shooting takes a little practice. Before you go uploading that selfie of you and Rover onto Facebook or Instagram, read these tips from professional (and spunky) photographer […]

Provo trying to put an end to failing retail stores

The Quilted Bear, IM Home, Roberts Crafts, Deseret Book and now Kmart — all stores that have closed in Provo’s East Bay area in recent years and haven’t been replaced. “East Bay looks like a ghost town,” said Provo Deputy Mayor Dixon Holmes. “It’s probably going to get worse before it gets better.” Some of […]