CVX Live is YouTube — live and with persons

At the height of Kid History madness, John Roberts and the rest of the cast and crew released each new episode with a premiere party. The screenings were a riot for both the fan and the featured faces. Eventually, the Kid History gang invited other local YouTube stars to participate, mingling with fans while showing […]

Utah-Tube: Bored Shorts TV teaches how to use Pokemon Go, warns of dangers

You may have seen the signs of “Got to catch them all” fever. There are more people on the street walking with their faces glued to their phones. There are hoards of people gathered in random locations; for example, the Provo Library (even at midnight). But you still don’t know what this mysterious Pokemon Go app […]

Utah-Tube: Bored Shorts TV and Jamesthemormon share epic handshake

Bored Shorts TV and Jamesthemormon sealed their friendship with an epic handshake in the most recent “Kid Snippets” video. In the video, Bored Shorts TV’s John Roberts and Jamesthemormon come up with their own special handshake. “We have to let them know that this is our handshake, no one else’s,” Roberts mimics in the video. […]

10 star-studded CVX Live photos

The second annual CVX Live kicked of Friday at the UCCU Center in Orem — and this year is even bigger than last year’s event. “Last year’s event was fantastic,” John Roberts, one of four real-life brothers who make up the Bored Shorts team (along with “adopted bro” Richard Sharrah), told Utah Valley BusinessQ. “These […]

The Q Awards: CVX Live named 2016 Marketer of the Year

What a view. It’s been six years since Kid History launched its YouTube channel — catapulting these kid-voiced silly stories to millions of video views and celebrity status where fans squeal and sob upon meeting these Utah-based movie makers. Then, in 2015, Kid History (which is now most recognized for its brand of Bored Shorts […]

Return of ‘Scott Sterling’ to premiere at CVX Live in Orem

Scott Sterling — the Studio C character who has garnered 35 million views on YouTube — will return in another sketch comedy that will premiere at the second CVX Live event in Orem slated for March 25–26. Today at a press conference at the UCCU Center at UVU, the CVX Live creators (also known as […]

Kid History goes from YouTube to board game with Kickstarter campaign

History can be rewritten by you and your family with Kid History’s new board game — except that it isn’t available yet. The Utah Valley YouTube stars have taken their videos and are trying to transfer them to your dinner table. And they are looking for help with a Kickstarter campaign, which has a base […]

Utah YouTube channel collaboration breaks world record

Angels gathered in Provo on Rock Canyon Park’s hillside in November to help The Piano Guys and other Utah YouTube stars break the Guinness World Record for the largest nativity scene with real people — and they did it. The new video, “Angels We Have Heard on High,” broke Britain’s record from last year (898) by […]

Stuart Edge becomes musician, no, magician in Kid Snippets video

Do you want to see Stuart Edge do a magic trick? Edge, a Utah Valley YouTube star, has made a career out of making YouTube videos featuring some of his magic tricks, but this time the tricks “wow” you in a different way. That’s probably because you see the magic through the eyes of a […]

7 reasons to attend the first annual Pocket Film Fest 

  Old or young, it seems everybody is spending a lot of time on his or her smartphone. That’s no surprise. A new smartphone today is far more powerful than a desktop computer of just a few years ago. For nearly any task, there’s an app for that. The screens are beautiful, sharp and bright. Phone storage capacity seems bottomless. […]

Lindsey Stirling gets her makeup done in Kid Snippets video

The newest Kid Snippet video features YouTube violin sensation Lindsey Stirling preparing for her show by getting her makeup done. All the random makeup selections turn out very Kid History-esque. And, yes Lindsey, you do look really pretty.

Josh Groban orders pizza ‘Kid Snippets’ style

Pop artist Josh Groban joined local YouTube sensation, “Kid Snippets,” to prove that when Josh Groban wants a pizza, he gets it within five minutes. On Monday, “Kid Snippets,” released their most recent video, “Josh Groban Pizza,” where Groban calls to order a pizza demanding that he get it delivered within five minutes. The catch […]

11 best YouTube channels for family entertainment

YouTube is the new tube. The more kids turn to the internet for entertainment, the more savvy parents need to be in finding quality content for their children to watch. Check out these family-friendly YouTube channels as you form your own TV guide of the future. 1. Bored Shorts TV If you know this channel, […]

Eye Candy

9 frocks with sweet seams Photography by InStudio by Kenneth Linge Hair & Makeup by Darcy Moody at Suggestions Salon Models Valerie Osmond and Richard Sharrah

YouTah Valley: The new Hollywood for YouTube sensations

The Beehive State ranks No. 3 in the world for YouTube celebrities, and just about all of them gained their fame right here in Utah Valley, according to Plaid Social Labs. “Utah Valley has the first group of Utubers that have come out with true high-end production,”  said Ricky Ray Butler,  founder and president of Plaid […]

15 signs you run in Utah County

Whether it’s an occasional 5K or a yearly marathon, running has become a major part of Utah County culture. Just start counting how many Ragnar bumper stickers you see on I-15. And for many of the valley’s pavement pounders, running isn’t just a hobby — it’s part of their identity. Here are 15 signs you […]

Stories Not Only a Mother Could Love

Mary Roberts Smith, now age 76, started her family with four kids in five years, and she thought (and hoped) her family was complete. But several years later, she got the impression that she would have not just one, but four more children. She told God he would have to change her heart, and within […]

Kid History In The Making

With 14  3/4 sons and daughters between them, these five grown men know how to speak “kid.” It was their native language when four of them were growing up as brothers in Irvine, Calif., with four additional older siblings and a mother who thought they could do no wrong. The boys each claimed their own […]

21 things you didn’t read in the Kid History article

The creative minds behind Kid History graced our cover for the Nov./Dec. issue of Utah Valley Magazine. Here’s an insider’s look at some of our own “snippets” we learned about Kid History: 1. Many have tried to copycat Kid History. The group’s attorney asked them how they felt about the Subway commercials that have adults […]