6 ways to keep kids learning over the summer

For nine months out of the year, elementary school students practice reading, writing, art, social skills, science, technology, physical education and more. They have an established routine, and they grow rapidly. And then summer break comes, allowing kids more time to just be kids — and more time to forget everything they learned during the […]

Get creative with your kids at new art center in Provo

Whether your kids — or you — are interested in screen printing, painting, working with clay, weaving or another art, there’s space at the new Neighborhood Art Center at Provo Towne Centre. “We’re a mini children’s museum,” said founder and executive director Tallia Feltis. The nonprofit center opened in August and Feltis said they’ve had […]

Orem ranked No. 2 best city for trick-or-treating in 2016

With almost perfect temperatures, lots of kids and low crime rates, Orem is ranked as the No. 2 spot in the country for trick-or-treating this year. “I think Orem’s a great place to trick-or-treat,” said Pete Wolfley, an Orem spokesman. “Parents can count on safe streets that are well-lit, the weather in October is generally […]

10 reasons why it takes a village to raise a child

My family and I recently moved to Utah from Texas. After three years of living in Dallas, in the heat and humidity far away from family, there have been a few adjustments to make. But besides purchasing winter coats and introducing our children to fry sauce, one change has been especially apparent as we’ve settled […]

7 kid-friendly clutter busters

Kids and stuff go together like peanut butter and jelly. They stick together, and it can be a challenge for parents to keep things tidy with little clutter magnets in the home. Don’t work harder to fight the piles of kid paraphernalia; work smarter. Try these seven kid-friendly clutter busters: 1. Live by the one […]

8 solutions for the bedtime battle

Last week I staged a bedtime intervention with my kids. I was feeling frazzled and frustrated that what I pictured as a warm and fuzzy farewell to the day was in fact an hours-long power struggle. In desperation I did what any self-respecting journalist would: I interviewed my mom friends about what their bedtime routine […]

Is school stressing your kids out? 7 tips for managing school-related stress

Starting school each fall is like starting a new job. The first few weeks are often exciting but it can be stressful to adjust to a new routine and get a grip on the realities of the job. By mid-September, students that were once excited about school may feel stress and anxiety about homework and […]

10 ways parents eat their words

We all have lofty ideals about raising our kids. And then we all eat crow about them. 1. “I will never use the TV as a babysitter.” Total meltdown. Sesame Street marathon. Netflix is your saving grace.   2. “I will never let my kid eat processed food.” Until he starves, because he refuses to […]

The end of the make-believe Supermom

Good people of Utah Valley, if you don’t mind, I’d like to opt out of the Supermom Olympics. If my daughter wants to run around in a stained, ripped leotard all day and not a sweater set from Baby Gap, I say go for it. If my minivan is dirty and fishy-smelling instead of detailed […]

Because I said so: Silence is golden

Last Saturday, my college-age younger brother came over to do his laundry. It was a typical day at our house — my kids and their friends were playing in the basement playroom, a friend stopped by to borrow an ingredient she needed for dinner, and two neighbors were chatting with my husband in our backyard. […]

So … When you gonna have kids?

By Douglas for rationalfaiths.com “When are you going to have kids?” Nearly every married has received this question one or a thousand times. While this question is socially acceptable, it is actually disrespectful and intrusive to a couple’s privacy, at least that is what Douglas has seen. In his editorial piece, Douglas explains why people […]

5 lessons at the Tinkering Studio

For the past five years, Thanksgiving Point has opened a new exploratory exhibit on July 1st. After a successful year with “Sound of Listening,” last year’s exhibition, the Museum of Ancient Life is opening their new exhibition “Tinkering.” With more than 20 interactive exhibits, science becomes more of a thrill than a classroom assignment. Here […]