Provo council to parents: Talk to your kids about fight club

Provo’s city council wants parents to talk to their kids about the dangers of fight club. Councilwoman Kim Santiago says she’s heard about 10 of these organized fights happening over a nine-to-10-month period. Sometimes they’re lunchtime events where the kids who attend are called out to fight for 30 seconds, and hot dogs or ice […]

Provo councilwoman wants to stomp out Utah fight clubs

The first rule of fight club: Don’t talk about fight club (probably because fight clubs are illegal, at least in Utah). Provo Councilwoman Kim Santiago wants to make sure everyone knows that fight clubs are a no-no. “The sense is that people aren’t aware that it’s a law,” she said in a city council meeting […]

Rec fees — and more — may rise in Provo to recover costs

Recovering 100 percent of costs from users could mean several things: For Provo city, it could mean more revenue for city projects and a more sustainable budget. For residents, it could mean increased fees for services like the recreation center, building inspections or maybe even the library. The city council on Tuesday decided to have […]

Provo flag flap continues

March 27, 2013 — the day Provo Mayor John Curtis blogged that the city was overhauling its flag and asked for ideas for a new design. Sept. 2, 2014 — the day the Provo Municipal Council once again talked about designs for a new flag, and voted to keep meeting about it. “This whole flag […]

Provo gives 32 bicycles to nonprofit Bike Collective

The Provo Bike Collective is 32 bikes richer after the Provo council cleared the way for the nonprofit organization to get the unclaimed property from the Provo Police Department. The organization plans to use the bikes to teach children how to repair and refurbish bicycles, then the kids will get to keep the bikes they worked on, […]

No new law for Provo food trucks, at least for now

Even though Provo has a thriving weekly food truck roundup, the city doesn’t have any specific laws regulating food trucks. And it will stay that way for at least a few more weeks. On Tuesday the city council decided to keep discussing a proposal to regulate the mobile food businesses for a few more weeks, […]

BRT OK’d in Provo, council ready to move on

After months of debate and meeting after meeting, grateful Provo council members unanimously voted on a resolution to support a bus rapid transit route through the city. The now-supported route, called Route 4, will go along University Avenue from the Provo FrontRunner station up 700 North and across 700 East over to 900 North and […]