9 Mormon shows to add to your Netflix queue

Gone are the days of flipping through channels in hopes of finding something clean or uplifting to view. Now, thanks to streaming services like Netflix, your options are seemingly limitless. Even better, Netflix has loads of LDS-themed movies and TV shows — complete with Mormon producers, directors or actors. This winter, cozy up on the […]

Peculiar, indeed: Being Mormon at the Sundance Film Festival

“You’re Mormon? You don’t look Mormon. How Mormon are you?” The Sundance volunteer’s question caught me off guard. As a native Los Angelena, I’m most comfortable being the rare Latter-day Saint among “Gentiles,” and I’m never one to hide my beliefs under a proverbial bushel. Even if my style helped me blend into the crowd […]

Successful silver screen stylist puts family ahead of Hollywood

Midway resident Charlene Johnson has built an impressive, five-decade career as an in-demand Hollywood hairdresser, styling the likes of Elvis Presley and Doris Day to Mel Gibson, John Travolta, and, most recently, James Lafferty and Danny Glover. But despite her illustrious resume, Charlene said her favorite roles are those of wife and mother. Balancing career and family required […]

’16 Stones’ takes viewers on journey of faith

Action, adventure … and an examination of faith? The upcoming film “16 Stones,” which opens locally today, has all this and more. “16 Stones” tells the tale of three friends in 1830s Missouri who, in the face of severe religious persecution, go in search of tangible evidence to back up the Book of Mormon’s validity: […]