Latter-day Saint father-daughter duo performs ‘Meant to Be’ on ‘Ellen’

Claire and Dave Crosby are meant to be on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.” The father-daughter duo have frequented “Ellen” since 2017, and this time the duo harmonized to the Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line hit “Meant to Be.” Claire and her father, who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, first appeared on […]

5 online gems that will revitalize your scripture study

In the April 2017 general conference, then-President Thomas S. Monson invited every member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to read from the Book of Mormon every day. In a recent worldwide devotional for youth, President Russell M. Nelson built on this invitation. He said, “As you continue to read daily from […]

MissionShoe takes the pain and expense out of missionary shoes

Sponsored Story A young man serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints spends two years preaching the gospel. That’s 730 days or proselytizing and a lot of pressure on a missionary’s feet. MissionShoe is trying to solve the sore feet woes of young elders. MissionShoe has a mission of its […]

Lindsey Stirling reflects on learning to love herself

Electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling reflected on a promise she made to herself and God in an Instagram post earlier this week. “Wow! I wrote this back when I was deep in depression and when my life was controlled by anorexia,” Stirling wrote. “This note was a promised to god and to myself. I really did […]

10 FHE lessons that will take your family outside this summer

Utah may be known for its snow, but summers here are pretty darn great too. Who wants to stay inside for family home evening when the mountains are calling? Here are 10 ways to teach gospel lessons to your family while enjoying the great outdoors, complete with links to Utah County JustServe service opportunities for your […]

LDS father-daughter duo sing peaceful Easter message

The internet’s favorite father-daughter duo have returned to YouTube with a special Easter message. Five-year-old Claire Ryann and her dad, Dave Crosby, uploaded a new YouTube video, “Peace in Christ,” on Good Friday to celebrate Easter. “Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend to all,” the family wrote on Facebook. “We’re so grateful that Christ could […]

Pew Research finds Mormons most likely to get married out of religious American adults

Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) lead the United States religions in the percent of adult members married, but religious association doesn’t necessarily mean marriage is a priority. A report by Pew Research Center says the percent of adults married in the U.S. varies widely across religions. While 48 percent […]

Countdown to conference: 10 ways to prepare

Believe it or not, general conference is just around the corner. And if it seems to you like it came faster than usual this year, you’re right — it falls on March 31 and April 1, which are the earliest possible dates for the conference that is always held during the first weekend of April. […]

Lindsey Stirling shares promise she made God at the beginning of her career

Electronic violinist Lindsey Stirling took time out of her acceptance speech at the 13th Annual SCERA Star Awards to thank God for her success. “I want to thank my Heavenly Father because step after step that I have taken to try to get to where I’m at today, looking back at it, it’s like, ‘wow, that […]

Pleasant Grove father creates FHE app

In the 103 years since LDS Church President Joseph F. Smith instituted family home evening as a tradition in the Church, parents have done their best to “gather their boys and girls about them in the home and teach them the word of the Lord.” Some have been successful, others less so. But as Elder […]

13 cringeworthy Mormon valentines for 2018

Since 2014, our annual cringeworthy Mormon Valentine’s Day cards have made internet scrollers near and far roll their eyes. But if we are all being honest, this cheesiness also makes readers chuckle in an “oi vey” way. UtahValley360 continues the tradition with 13 more cringeworthy Mormon Valentine’s Day card for another “oh goodness” holiday celebration. […]

What I learned when I had lunch with President Nelson

On the first Tuesday of this year, President Thomas S. Monson passed away. On Tuesday, Jan. 16, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced President Russell M. Nelson as its new president. And on a Tuesday afternoon in January eight years ago, my husband and I sat down to have lunch with President Russell M. […]

What comes next?: What to expect when the new prophet is sustained

With the passing of President Thomas S. Monson, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are at a crossroads. While members mourn the loss of their beloved prophet, they also look to the future of the Church. A major part of the Church’s immediate future is the sustaining of a new prophet. […]

Helpful resources for 2018 Priesthood and Relief Society curriculum

In late 2017, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced a change to the Relief Society and Melchizedek Priesthood Sunday curriculum. Starting this year, the “Teachings of Presidents of the Church” series will no longer be the core curriculum. Instead, quorums and auxiliaries will study primarily from the teachings of living apostles and prophets. […]

LDS Church announces details for President Monson’s funeral services

The funeral services for President Thomas S. Monson will be held on Friday, Jan. 12, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced on Wednesday. President Monson died from causes incident to age on Tuesday, Jan. 2 at 10:01 p.m. The 90-year-old president, who was the 16th prophet for the LDS Church, was surrounded […]

Top 10 LDS stories on UtahValley360 in 2017

Before we head into the new year, we’re taking a look back at what we’ve done in the past. In LDS news during 2017, we saw tragedy and we saw hope. We saw laughter and we saw learning. Here are 10 of UtahValley360’s top stories from 2017.   10. The brothers who begin the Book Of […]

10 New Year’s resolutions from the prophets for 2018

The Christmas decorations are put away, the gifts unwrapped, the holiday treats devoured. Now it’s time to turn over a new leaf, to set new goals, to start fresh. According to a recent report  by YouGov, the three most popular 2018 New Year’s resolutions are to (1) eat better, (2) exercise more, and (3) spend […]

Lessons in Christ-like love from Ghana

One summer, I traveled to Ghana, in West Africa, for a work assignment. It was a life-changing experience. I was struck by the humility and spirituality of the people in general. Many Ghanaians live in abject poverty, but they are a happy, God-fearing people. One of the first things I noticed when I arrived was […]

No new temples announced at LDS general conference, update on 182 current temples

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints currently has 157 operating temples with 12 under construction, 13 previously announced and 11 announced to undergo extensive renovation. While the LDS Church typically announces new temples during general conference, no new temples were announced during the 187th Semiannual General Conference. In April General Conference, President Monson […]

LDS general conference: One-sentence summaries of October 2017 talks

The 187th Semiannual General Conference for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints began last weekend with the Women’s Session of conference and continued again Saturday morning. General Conference lasts for a total of six sessions totaling 12 hours. While the LDS Church leaders give specific instruction and teach gospel principles during conference, here is a […]

6 Twitter accounts to follow for a more uplifting conference

The 187th Semiannual General Conference is already in session. With 10 hours of inspiration, it’s hard to catch everything shared from the pulpit. If you are looking for a way to interact with conference messages, the LDS Church encourages everyone to use the hashtag #LDSconf when sharing messages from conference on social media. These seven […]

LDS teen Evie Clair to perform in ‘America’s Got Talent’ finals Tuesday night

Evie Clair decided to return to “America’s Got Talent” to perform in the finals, Clair’s mother announced on her blog Saturday. After the 13-year-old singer’s father, Amos Abplanalp, died on Thursday, Sept. 7, “America’s Got Talent” judge Simon Cowell gave Clair the option of foregoing the final and instead returning the following season. However, Clair […]

Father of LDS teen on ‘America’s Got Talent’ passes away after battle with cancer

After a year-long battle with stage 4 colon cancer, Amos Abplanalp died after being taken off life support on Thursday afternoon. Abplanalp’s story took center stage when his daughter, Evie Clair, shared his story on “America’s Got Talent.” Clair advanced to the finals on Wednesday night after being saved by the audience. But that high was met […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Lindon’s Glen Ricks and Elder Ronald A. Rasband

Local photographer Glen Ricks was first told he looks like Elder Ronald A. Rasband a couple years ago — but he actually met Elder Rasband more than 25 years ago when he photographed a wedding Elder Rasband officiated in the Salt Lake LDS Temple. Glen was serving in an LDS Young Single Adult ward and […]

LDS teen Evie Clair performs in ‘America’s Got Talent’ semifinals LDS thirteen-year-old Evie Clair continued her journey on “America’s Got Talent” with a performance of “Yours” in the show’s semifinals. While Clair’s angelic voice captures the hearts of America, her story pulls at the country’s heartstrings. Her father, Amos Abplanalp, was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer a year ago with a 5 percent […]

5 things I learned from earning my Eagle Scout award

When The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced it was discontinuing its Varsity and Venturing Scouting programs for young men ages 14–18 in the United States and Canada, my three teenage sons rejoiced. My 13-year-old and 15-year-old twins had heard the news while they were at school. When they burst through the door […]