Twinning is winning: Seven local celebrity lookalikes

Each year we ask readers to submit their local celebrity lookalikes — and every year, they deliver almost-famous faces. This year’s collection of civilian clones includes staple starlets, a quirky Food Network personality and even an LDS apostle! Are these seven locals stunt-double worthy? Take a look and decide for yourself. Guess which celebrity for […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Spanish Fork’s Josh Rohatinsky and Matt Meese

As the father of four young children, Josh Rohatinsky knows all about BYUtv’s popular sketch comedy show Studio C. But it’s not just his own kids who think he looks like cast member Matt Meese. “I get a lot of parents coming up and telling me their kids wanted them to ask if I am […]

Top 10 moments with ‘Studio C’ to celebrate one billion views

The beloved clean-comedy sketch group “Studio C” took to Facebook on Thursday to announce they laughed their way to one billion views. In honor of their success, here are 10 of our favorite “Studio C” moments. 1. Scott Sterling kicks it out of the park The most popular sketch from “Studio C” is the notorious video of […]

Aaron Fielding and Dalton Johnson bring the write skills to ‘Studio C’

When Studio C’s Matt Meese called Aaron Fielding, he assumed it was a pocket dial. After all, he knew his name would be in Matt’s phone directory since he rented from him earlier that year and his double-A name lands him at the top of most contact lists.  So he let it go to voicemail. […]

Utah-Tube: ‘Studio C’ explains clean-comedy writing to Conan

Start the countdown!! Only 1 hour until we’re on @teamcoco!! Make sure to tune in on TBS! #StudioC A photo posted by Studio C (@studioctv) on Feb 7, 2017 at 7:04pm PST Late-night television host Conan O’Brien wanted to know the secret to write clean-comedy sketches and “Studio C” had the answer for him Tuesday […]

Say what? ‘UVMagLib’ contest winners fill in the blanks for prizes at CVX Live

At the CVX Live convention March 25-26, Utah Valley Magazine employees turned the pen to the people in a Mad Lib competition called “UVMagLib.” Convention goers and YouTube enthusiasts grabbed the “UVMagLib” form (above) at the Utah Valley Magazine booth and tried their hands at a silly story. Out of more than 40 submissions, these four stood out […]

‘Studio C’ Scott Sterling succeeds with revenge in video

“Studio C” cast member Jason Gray faced off against his cast mates kicking 50 soccer balls — accomplishing more than one type of goal — in the most recent “Studio C” YouTube video. “Matt’s Revenge: Scott Sterling Strikes Back” is the result of a little friendly cast mate competition which naturally ended in a punishment. As shared […]

Team C: Scott Sterling scores big for Studio C

Jared Shores (producer and co-founder of Studio C) pulled up the BYUtv analytics during our mid-November interview. The comedy program’s most-viewed sketch to date was “Peeta’s Song” (part of their “Hunger Games” trilogy) with just shy of 1 million views. When they hit that seven-digit milestone, this sketch comedy team planned to have a celebratory […]

25 behind-the-scenes moments caught on camera at the Studio C photo shoot

In December 2014, Utah Valley Magazine hosted a photo shoot with Studio C in the BYU Broadcasting Building. Fifteen pages of photos and fun landed in the January 2015 issue, but here are 25 pics that didn’t make the glossy edition. 1. Team spirit There was no need to tell these castmates (plus producer) what […]

Steve Young and a taco give ‘Studio C’ cameo

Superbowl XXIX MVP Steve Young makes a very short cameo on the latest video released by BYUtv’s sketch comedy group “Studio C.” Because of extenuating circumstances, TV news co-anchors (Matt Meese and Mallory Everton) are asked to reduce a normal broadcast down to five minutes. The duo gloss over war in the Middle East, weather […]

In the writing room with ‘Studio C’

BYUtv’s hit sketch comedy show “Studio C” is making millions of people laugh. But we wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to bring an episode to the screen. Is it all fun and games? “That’s actually pretty accurate, though sometimes it can be difficult too,” said Matt Meese, the starring actor on […]

Bronco Mendenhall joins ‘Studio C’ cast for Shoulder Angel skit–Q BYU head football coach Bronco Mendenhall got his “poker face” on Wednesday night, but it wasn’t for a football game. This time Mendenhall was getting ready for a skit. Joining “Studio C” cast members Matt Meese and Jason Gray, Mendenhall faced a challenge when one of his players (Gray) confessed to dropping a ball, […]

11 of the best ‘Studio C’ skits from the first three seasons

It’s back — the season 4 premiere of the laugh-out-loud, squeaky clean comedy show “Studio C” is just around the corner. The cast returns Monday with some of your favorite characters for more family night entertainment. In order to prepare for the many laughs ahead, the staff chose 11 of our favorite “Studio C” […]

Studio Ciao

Matt Meese, an actor and writer on Studio C, is constantly dreaming up new characters to become on BYUtv’s sketch comedy show. When offered to research his family tree’s cast of characters, Matt’s shoulder angel asked, ‘Who do you think you are?’   “I haven’t done a lot of family history work myself but […]

5 ‘Studio C’ spoilers without spoiling anything

PROVO — Monday night is about to get a lot more funny on BYUtv — again. Season 3 of “Studio C” begins Monday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. “Studio C” is a clean, family-friendly sketch-comedy show that first aired in October 2012. “Everything’s been progressing and gotten better, like the writing, and I think we’re […]