Q cards: 10 tips for public speaking

Is public speaking your private despair? Word. Whether it’s an informal speech to your employees or an intimidating guest keynote at a conference, it’s crucial to learn how to talk the talk. To get you started, we asked two motivational speakers from Utah Valley to each share five tips and tricks for business leaders without […]

5 reasons your New Year’s resolutions will fail (and how to avoid it)

New Year’s resolutions are popular worldwide. The tradition dates back to at least the Romans, who made promises to the god Janus at the beginning of every year. However, keeping those resolutions and following through on goals is less popular. As the new year moves forward, the best of intentions often fall short. Michelle McCullough, motivational speaker […]

Extra! Fab 40 paint their perfect day and take a swipe at boredom

As part of our “Paint the Town” theme for this year’s Fab 40, we asked our featured folk a handful of paint-related questions for the magazine. Two questions that didn’t make it onto the glossy pages are ” Paint a picture of your perfect day” and “What is so boring it is like watching paint […]

Fab 40: Paint the town

By Jeanette Bennett, Kat Nash, Amy McDonald & Greg Bennett Meet 40 of Utah Valley’s most fabulous folk who have added color to the community with their strokes of genius. The layers of paint beneath their success just add to their picture-perfect fabulousness. Chris Crabb Age 27 • Provo Stroke of genius Chris was on the […]

40 under 40: Meet Utah Valley’s most wanted whippersnappers

Now these are persons of interest. We’re talking 40 local pros who are low on years but tops on talent — forty business-changers who prove youth isn’t always wasted on the young. BusinessQ did the county a favor and rounded up the overachievers. Scan through the lineups, find out what alias they’d put on their […]