WhatsUpMoms relates the struggles in finding a babysitter to ‘The Bachelor’ (video)

Finding a soulmate is hard, but finding a babysitter is harder in WhatsUpMoms’ parody of the popular reality television series, “The Bachelor.” In the parody, WhatsUpMoms related finding a babysitter to finding your soulmate and all the struggles that go along with entrusting your kids to another person. The short parody has all the aspects of […]

A Mother’s Worth

Let’s say you’re seeking employment. What would you think if you came across the following job description? Hours: 24 hours a day, seven days a week. No vacation or holidays. Responsibilities: Fixing meals and doing dishes; paying bills; washing mountains of laundry; waking up multiple times in the middle of the night with a sick […]

Single moms in Utah eligible for a career-changing bootcamp

Talk about a career-changer. Three single mothers in Utah are being given the second chance of a lifetime with scholarships to three career-focused “bootcamps” — worth over $9,000. The Live Your Dream Foundation, which has been helping single mothers elevate their careers since 2010, has partnered with DevMountain, Market Campus and Startup Ignition to offer three deserving women […]

6 Mother’s Day videos you should share with your mom

How do you say thank you to someone who gave you life, raised you and continues to be there for you? If you don’t know, these videos will hold you over while you figure out how to thank mom. With Mother’s Day on Sunday, the Internet is making it easier to express thoughts you can’t put into words. Starting […]

Carry on: Celebrating International Babywearing Week in Utah

Modern parenting, with all its high-tech gadgets and varying philosophies, can be a maze to navigate. Is that bath thermometer really necessary? Should I be educating my baby in utero? And is it worth the extra $500 to get a stroller than can charge an iPhone? Instead of getting caught up in the myriad of […]

The woes and joys of motherhood expressed in a Frozen ‘Let it Go’ parody

  Frozen’s Let It Go — A Mom Parody from Granger Community Church on Vimeo. Disney’s success with their most recent film, “Frozen,” has touched the heart of both kids and parents around the world with its story of family love. The popularity of  the hit song, “Let it Go,” has inspired a variety of remakes and parodies including […]

What stay-at-home moms REALLY do all day

Sometimes when my husband (sweetly) asks what I did all day, a Bridget Jones-like voice pops into my head and starts to narrate the beautiful chaos that is stay-at-home motherhood. She sounds something like this: 4:45 a.m.: Gaaaaaah! Baby howling somewhere in house. But which one: 14-month-old in crib, or 2-year-old in toddler bed? Perhaps […]

Mommy’s little helper?

A few weeks ago, my son’s Cub Scout leader was having dental surgery. This is a woman who has patiently and enthusiastically taught my 8-year-old everything from knot tying to the importance of personal hygiene — someone had to — and I would do anything for her. I sent her a quick email asking if […]

Enjoying vs. enduring motherhood

So I just got back from having lunch at Paradise Bakery with a few friends. Sounds nice, right? Aren’t the cookies there yummy? Did I mention that everyone brought their kids? That my 2-year-old dumped all of her macaroni and cheese on the floor and stomped on it, then spent the rest of the hour […]

Curing ‘Mom Brain’: 5 simple ways to keep your mind active

If you’re a mom, you may be familiar with the term “Mom Brain.” You know, the thing you can shamelessly blame when you forget to pick up your kid from school or leave something important on top of your car before pulling out of the driveway. When sleep is a bygone luxury and most of […]

Snack attack: Helping children make healthy choices

When kids say they are starving, it may be tempting to turn to processed granola bars or sugary cereal as a quick fix. But unhealthy snacking can ruin an otherwise balanced diet. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, childhood obesity has more than doubled in children and tripled in adolescents in the […]

Because I said so: When the answer to ‘Are you pregnant?’ is ‘No’

Lately, someone has been remarking that I have my hands full almost every day. Because my baby can’t walk and my toddler often refuses to, I think people mean it in the literal sense. Everywhere I go, I end up carrying a kid in each arm. At some point my pants start falling down. Then […]

Because I said so: The joy of raising boys

“You’re choking him.” “He can’t breathe.” “You’re hurting him.” “Can you please. Just. Wrestle. Softly?” Among the many things I say over and over as a parent, “wrestle softly” is probably the most ridiculous. My two oldest boys, ages 8 and 5, remind me of a newborn puppies, constantly nipping and swiping at each other […]

Local outdoor spots to inspire your children’s imaginations

Weather-wise, it’s hard to find a more beautiful month in Utah Valley than September. The cooling temperatures and blazing fall colors mean it’s the perfect time of year to enjoy the great outdoors. While you’re out, why not pick a place to inspire your children’s imaginations? “There certainly is plenty to discover in Utah Valley, […]

The end of the make-believe Supermom

Good people of Utah Valley, if you don’t mind, I’d like to opt out of the Supermom Olympics. If my daughter wants to run around in a stained, ripped leotard all day and not a sweater set from Baby Gap, I say go for it. If my minivan is dirty and fishy-smelling instead of detailed […]