Tidy Tips from professional organize Vicki Winterton

Professional organizer Vicki Winterton shares two mistakes to avoid when tackling a rowdy room or cluttered closet. Mistake #1 Box-buying “Don’t buy containers before you know what you’ll be storing,” Vicki says. She recommends assessing the space you’re organizing before making any decisions about how and where to place each item. Mistake #2  Forgetting to […]

7 kid-friendly clutter busters

Kids and stuff go together like peanut butter and jelly. They stick together, and it can be a challenge for parents to keep things tidy with little clutter magnets in the home. Don’t work harder to fight the piles of kid paraphernalia; work smarter. Try these seven kid-friendly clutter busters: 1. Live by the one […]

5 life hacks to become a more organized mom

I recently had an epiphany inspired by the most humble of objects: the lowly garbage can. For years, we’ve kept the trashcan in our master bathroom on the wall farthest from the door and next to the toilet. Almost daily, my husband and I stand at the threshold and chuck things in the garbage can. […]