40 Under 40: Rachel Parcell

Rachel Parcell Rachel Parcell, Inc. + Pink Peonies Founder + CEO | Bluffdale | AGE 30 Rachel Parcell is all dressed up — with everywhere to go. Her fashion label -— the Rachel Parcell Collection — is sold DTC and at Nordstroms nationwide. Her signature clothing item is dresses (like the one she’s wearing), but […]

UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 7 Rachel Parcell Collection

FOUNDED 2015 CITY Alpine/Bluffdale EMPLOYEES 20 INDUSTRY Retail/Fashion WEBSITE RachelParcell.com FOUNDER Rachel Parcell, 28 THE COMPANY Designer of a clothing line sold exclusively at Nordstrom. HAPPY GO LUCKY Over the past decade, Rachel Parcell has become an influencer icon. After she turned her blog into a thriving business, she used that money to become her […]

2018 Marketer of the Year: Rachel Parcell, Rachel Parcell Collection

Rachel Parcell is a name Brand entrepreneur. Not only did she help create, define and elevate the world of blogging as a thriving business model, but two years ago she launched her own clothing line, the Rachel Parcell Collection. She is an Instagram icon (at press, she was nearing a staggering 1 million followers), a […]

A Parcell Christmas: Inside Rachel Parcell’s bedecked holiday home

Photos by Emily Egan • Decor by Gatehouse No.1 Oh by gosh, by golly — it’s time for mistletoe and holly. And red ribbon, green garland, dangling decorations and anything else you can find in Rachel Parcell’s home during Christmas. Rachel teamed up with Gatehouse No. 1 designers Rachel Folkman and Claire White to bring […]

Christmas in Fashion with InstaFamous Rachel Parcell

BYU recently invited Rachel Parcell to speak on entrepreneurship and how she created an Insta-career with more than 600,000 Instagram followers and national brands clamoring to hire her as their social media model. This 24-year-old — who prefers online publicity to public speaking — turned them down flat, much to her father’s dismay. But BYU […]

The 100 coolest Mormon women alive today

If Mormons were to pick 100 women to represent the religion’s “cool” factor to a world-wide audience, who would be on the list? Here is a modest proposal in alphabetical order. Who are we missing when it comes to cool Mormon women?