Celebrity Lookalikes: 7 Locals With Doppelgängers Worth a Double Take

When we started the celebrity lookalike contest two decades ago, we thought it would be a one-time feature. Nineteen years later, our readers are still supplying us with doppelgängers worth a double take. Here is our latest collection of lovely locals with famous faces. Philip Niu and Dwayne Johnson Hometown American Fork At first glance, […]

Twinning is winning: Seven local celebrity lookalikes

Each year we ask readers to submit their local celebrity lookalikes — and every year, they deliver almost-famous faces. This year’s collection of civilian clones includes staple starlets, a quirky Food Network personality and even an LDS apostle! Are these seven locals stunt-double worthy? Take a look and decide for yourself. Guess which celebrity for […]

Celebrity Lookalike: Springville’s McKenna Hixson and Reese Witherspoon

People have been telling Springville resident McKenna Hixson she looks like Reese Witherspoon for years. “It’s funny because I think I am actually closer to Reese’s daughter in age than Reese,” McKenna says. “But I definitely take it as a compliment.” McKenna is right — Reese Witherspoon is 41, her daughter Ava is 17, and […]