Provo changing its beer license restrictions to comply with state law

Provo is going to change its law on restaurants that serve beer, since it recently discovered that it was in conflict with state law. And that’s good news for downtown Provo restaurant owners. Current city law says that businesses can’t have a beer retailer license if they’re within a certain distance of a church, library, […]

Out with the Malt Shoppe, in with burritos

Stan’s east of BYU. Brand X in Springville. Magleby’s at Village Green in Provo. And Malt Shoppe, a fixture of University Avenue for decades. But now they’re all gone. It’s been more than a year since Provo’s landmark Malt Shoppe closed down, and now the building — 1290 N. University Ave. — is gone. Soon […]

Food trucks get green light in Provo

Provo now has a food truck law that keeps the mobile restaurants out of the downtown district — with some exceptions, and requires background checks for owners and drivers and a business license to operate, while still allowing for the Thursday Food Truck Roundup. At a work meeting two weeks ago about a draft ordinance […]

No new law for Provo food trucks, at least for now

Even though Provo has a thriving weekly food truck roundup, the city doesn’t have any specific laws regulating food trucks. And it will stay that way for at least a few more weeks. On Tuesday the city council decided to keep discussing a proposal to regulate the mobile food businesses for a few more weeks, […]

Food Truck 101: An introduction to the Provo Roundup

Every Thursday about a dozen food trucks roll in to the paved lot next to the Startup Building in Provo, 560 S. 100 West. It’s one example of how the food truck scene is exploding in Utah County after arriving only a couple of years ago. (Interesting fact: The building used to be the Startup Candy […]

Work it: 8 local summer jobs for your teenager

The temperatures are rising, the school year is coming to a close, and your teenagers are looking forward to the lazy days of summer. Or maybe they’re looking forward to a productive summer of hard work and earning money. Either way, now is the time to apply for Utah County’s coveted summer jobs. Here are […]

Pop-ular drink shop comes to Provo

PROVO — With the arrival of Swig, a drink stop that originated in St. George, Provo just got dirtier — but in a good way. Swig is home to the original “dirty Diet Coke,” a drink that features Diet Coke with a shot of of coconut and lime flavors, and a new location opened in […]