Kid History goes from YouTube to board game with Kickstarter campaign

History can be rewritten by you and your family with Kid History’s new board game — except that it isn’t available yet. The Utah Valley YouTube stars have taken their videos and are trying to transfer them to your dinner table. And they are looking for help with a Kickstarter campaign, which has a base […]

Eye Candy

9 frocks with sweet seams Photography by InStudio by Kenneth Linge Hair & Makeup by Darcy Moody at Suggestions Salon Models Valerie Osmond and Richard Sharrah

Kid History In The Making

With 14  3/4 sons and daughters between them, these five grown men know how to speak “kid.” It was their native language when four of them were growing up as brothers in Irvine, Calif., with four additional older siblings and a mother who thought they could do no wrong. The boys each claimed their own […]

21 things you didn’t read in the Kid History article

The creative minds behind Kid History graced our cover for the Nov./Dec. issue of Utah Valley Magazine. Here’s an insider’s look at some of our own “snippets” we learned about Kid History: 1. Many have tried to copycat Kid History. The group’s attorney asked them how they felt about the Subway commercials that have adults […]