8 of Utah County’s best beaches

The Beehive State is hundreds of miles from the ocean, but it’s still possible to have fun at the beach without making the 600-plus mile trip to the west coast. Utah County has a handful of sandy “beaches” next to local ponds, lakes and reservoirs, where you can have a great time sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, […]

Meraki – Home #4 – 2018

Home: Meraki Address: 1109 South Harvest Ridge Drive City: Salem We have built our reputation on transparency, value and pride. Our clients enjoy autonomy when making their selections throughout the building process and we respect those selections. We value the presence of our clients on-site and work together as a team to build your dream home. Our […]

Classic Empty Nester’s Dream – Home #5 – 2018

Home: Classic Empty Nester’s Dream Address: 553 East Strawberry Road City: Salem Miller Construction Specialists is a construction company founded on basic principles and strong values. Our dedication to helping clients realize their vision is surpassed only by our commitment to integrity in craftsmanship. We understand that building a home is based upon trust between client, builder […]

Salem country singer loses talent show but gains YouTube fans

When Maddie Wilson was 12 she competed in a talent show in her hometown of Salem. “I lost the talent show to a group of tap dancing grandmas. My mom could tell I was pretty upset about it, so she took me to sing karaoke,” the 21-year-old Maddie says. “The people who listened to me […]