Must Dos — COVID-19 Edition

By Chelsea Kern For nearly 20 years, we’ve showcased local events in our “Must-Do” section of Utah Valley Magazine. But 2020 is so not 2019. Check out some of our favorite “musts” — but this time, no tickets or selfies in the seats are required. We’ve gathered podcasts, books and YouTube channels created by our […]

10 influential LDS books summarized in one sentence each

With hundreds of new books published each year by LDS authors, it’s impossible to keep up with the best in LDS writing. So we’ll make it easy on you: Here are 10 of the most popular LDS books ever, summarized in just a sentence each. 1. Jesus the Christ, by James E. Talmage (1915) A classic text […]

Who said it: Nancy Drew or Sheri Dew?

Nancy Drew (a fictional character known for her mystery-solving acumen) and Sheri Dew  (president and CEO of Deseret Book Company) are both smart, analytical-thinkers who are known for their insights and inspiration. Is it any wonder their words can sometimes blur? Here are 16 quotables from these remarkable woman. Who uttered each one — Nancy […]

The 100 coolest Mormon women alive today

If Mormons were to pick 100 women to represent the religion’s “cool” factor to a world-wide audience, who would be on the list? Here is a modest proposal in alphabetical order. Who are we missing when it comes to cool Mormon women?