UV50 Startups to Watch: Brandless

THIS STORY IS so ON BRAND. Last year, James Clarke of Clarke Capital Partners saw an opportunity to buy startup Brandless out of the Bay Area. The Provo firm is known for being “operators first and investors second.” So after Clarke Capital Partners acquired Brandless and added the consumer products platform to their portfolio, they […]

UV50 Startups to Watch: Built Bar

The most-watched bYU sports video ever on social media was built by Nick Greer. In August, the CEO hyped up the BYU football team — and fans worldwide — with his plans for Built to pay for all of the walk-ons’ tuition as part of the NIL initiative. Tears and cheers followed — along with […]

No. 8 Startups to Watch: Ethik Collective

FOUNDED 2020 CITY Provo EMPLOYEES 6 INDUSTRY Wholesale/handmade goods WEBSITE EthikCollective.com FOUNDERS Melissa Sevy, 37 THE COMPANY A wholesale platform that enables conscious companies to source ethical handmade goods from artisans around the world. BRIGHT SPOTS Ethik has a mantra: DSTA. “Don’t screw the artisan.” With that meaningful mindset the company hit more than $1 […]

No. 7 Startups to Watch: Grit Marketing

FOUNDED 2020 CITY Orem EMPLOYEES 7 corporate, along with 400 sales reps INDUSTRY Sales/pest control WEBSITE GritMarketing.net FOUNDERS John Taylor, 27; Ben Egan, 28; Josh Nilsen, 29; Garth Massey, 29 THE COMPANY A sales and recruiting organization that trains reps for the pest control industry. BRIGHT SPOTS Grit Marketing is getting down and gritty. Founded […]

No. 9 Startups to Watch: Tacoma Lifestyle

FOUNDED 2019 CITY Springville EMPLOYEES 9 INDUSTRY E-commerce/consumer goods WEBSITE TacomaLifestyle.com FOUNDERS  Carson Rawle, 27; Connor Rawle, 31 THE COMPANY Online superstore for everything Toyota Tacoma. BRIGHT SPOTS For two outdoor enthusiast brothers, Tacoma Lifestyle has been an off-road, on-brand adventure. The company started in a basement two years ago, has grown 400 percent in […]

No. 6 Startups to Watch: Journeyfront

FOUNDED 2017 CITY American Fork EMPLOYEES 20 INDUSTRY Software WEBSITE JourneyFront.com FOUNDERS Daniel Ash, 36; Nick Lyon, 41; Erik Porfeli, 51 THE COMPANY A hiring platform to help companies predict candidate performance, job satisfaction, and retention using data-driven hiring tools. BRIGHT SPOTS It’s all about the Journey, man. In three short years, JourneyFront has raised […]

No. 5 Startups to Watch: Zehn-X

FOUNDED 2019 CITY Lehi EMPLOYEES 10 INDUSTRY Sanitation WEBSITE ZehnXWipes.com FOUNDERS Mike McKinzie, 57; Scott Pinckney, 32; Kody Curtis, 33 THE COMPANY A formulator/manufacturer of sanitizing wipes and accessory products for commercial/home/personal use. BRIGHT SPOTS Talk about a clean green sweep. Zehn-X is innovating the sanitizing industry with stellar smells and earth-friendly products. Not only […]

No. 4 Startups to Watch: CoFi

FOUNDED 2018 CITY Alpine EMPLOYEES 15 INDUSTRY Contech WEBSITE CofiSoftware.com FOUNDERS Mike Lacey, 40; Cam Harris, 34; David Rockwood, 32 THE COMPANY A construction finance tech company focused on providing better lending solutions for contractors and developers, backed by on-demand payments. BRIGHT SPOTS If they build it, you will come. CoFi is innovating the construction […]

No. 3 Startups to Watch: Brandless

FOUNDED 2017 CITY Draper + Provo (and soon to be Pleasant Grove) EMPLOYEES 150+ (split between Utah and Minnesota) INDUSTRY Consumer products WEBSITE Brandless.com CEO Cydni Tetro THE COMPANY Brandless is a platform of “better for you” products ranging from wellness to green clean to beauty. BRIGHT SPOTS This consumer products platform believes when we […]

No. 2 Startups to Watch: Lumio

FOUNDED 2020 CITY Lehi EMPLOYEES 750 INDUSTRY Solar WEBSITE Lumio.com CEO Greg Butterfield, 62 THE COMPANY Lumio makes power personal by increasing demand for renewable solar energy and decentralizing power production with tech, design and connectivity. BRIGHT SPOTS Lumio was formed from the combination of four leading regional U.S. residential solar providers: Atlantic Key Energy, […]

2021 UV50: Startups to Watch

Talk about bright futures. These 10 startups are flipping the switch hard and fast. Get ready to bask in the glow of their youthful good looks.

Parachut Named No. 6 Startup to Watch

  Melissa and Philip Niu met on a blind date — but their life together has had nothing but vision. They are the founders of Parachut, a camera equipment service that offers members all the gear they want for as long as they want it. There are no late fees. No long-term contracts. No ownership […]

Enso Rings Named UV50 No. 1 Startup to Watch

Enso Rings has come full circle. As high school seniors, Brighton Jones and Aaron Dalley came in dead last at a business competition in Southern California. Two decades later, they were back in LA pitching their silicone ring business on “Shark Tank” and walking away winners. More like last laugh, amiright? “It’s our 20-year redemption […]

UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 4 Blip Billboards

FOUNDED 2015 CITY Orem EMPLOYEES 55 INDUSTRY Technology WEBSITE BlipBillboards.com FOUNDERS Brent Thomson, 42; James Munnerlyn, 37 THE COMPANY A company that sells advertising space on digital billboards in single 8-second units. HAPPY GO LUCKY Blip Billboards is redefining the rectangle. Their digital billboards — which they sell by 8-second increments — have leveled the […]

UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 6 Parachut

FOUNDED 2016 CITY Lehi EMPLOYEES 10 INDUSTRY Photography/Technology WEBSITE Parachut.co FOUNDERS Philip Niu, 38; Melissa Niu, 39 THE COMPANY A camera equipment service with a monthly subscription. HAPPY GO LUCKY Oh, snap! Parachut is redefining the way photographers use equipment — and inspiring a new wave of consumerism while they’re at it. The husband-wife duo […]

UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 8 glassFROGG

FOUNDED 2019 CITY American Fork EMPLOYEES 11 INDUSTRY Healthcare/Technology WEBSITE GlassFrogg.com FOUNDERS Lucien Morin, 48; Jake Fackrell, 47; Bob Spencer, 47 THE COMPANY A patent-pending technology to crowdsource medical bills. HAPPY GO LUCKY The medical bills will see you now. glassFROGG has a revolutionary take on a famously unpredictable industry. With medical prices all over […]

UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 2 Kiln

FOUNDED 2018 CITY Lehi/Salt Lake City EMPLOYEES 20 INDUSTRY Real Estate/Technology WEBSITE Kiln.co FOUNDERS Arian Lewis, 40; Leigh Radford; Andrew Redpath THE COMPANY A co-working community space focused on helping seed to series B tech companies. HAPPY GO LUCKY Kiln is on fire. The coworking queen currently serves over 1,000 paying members in Utah, with […]

UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 9 Tyfoom

FOUNDED 2017 CITY Springville EMPLOYEES 7, plus 20 contractors INDUSTRY Training/Software WEBSITE Tyfoom.com FOUNDER Mark Nelson, 48 THE COMPANY A mobile productivity, training and communication platform. HAPPY GO LUCKY Companies are jumping on the Tyfoom train, thanks to its offerings of consistent, engaging training programs (read: not mind-numbingly boring) and enhanced productivity for employees. And […]

UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 1 Enso Rings

FOUNDED 2015 CITY Lehi EMPLOYEES 85 INDUSTRY E-commerce WEBSITE EnsoRings.com FOUNDERS Brighton Jones; Aaron Dalley, 36 THE COMPANY A modern alternative to metal rings. HAPPY GO LUCKY Here’s the ring around: This silicone superstar has sold more than 2 million rings in 110 countries. They have 100k+ glowing reviews. They have 150k followers on Instagram. […]

UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 7 Rachel Parcell Collection

FOUNDED 2015 CITY Alpine/Bluffdale EMPLOYEES 20 INDUSTRY Retail/Fashion WEBSITE RachelParcell.com FOUNDER Rachel Parcell, 28 THE COMPANY Designer of a clothing line sold exclusively at Nordstrom. HAPPY GO LUCKY Over the past decade, Rachel Parcell has become an influencer icon. After she turned her blog into a thriving business, she used that money to become her […]

UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 5 SmartShyp

FOUNDED 2016 CITY Lehi EMPLOYEES 18 INDUSTRY E-commerce WEBSITE SmartShyp.com FOUNDERS Tyler Babb, 33; Chris Wright, 44 THE COMPANY A company that helps businesses ship, track and protect online orders. HAPPY GO LUCKY SmartShyp is setting sail for e-commerce paradise. Automation rules. Bulk editing. Batch processing. Low rates. This game-changing platform for retailers connects to […]

UV50 Startups To Watch: No. 10 Localfluence

FOUNDED 2016 CITY Lehi EMPLOYEES 13 INDUSTRY Technology WEBSITE Localfluence.com FOUNDER Scott Linford, 39; Becca Gonzalez Tomkinson, 31; Devin Despain, 31; Mike Wille, 34; Joe Turner, 44 THE COMPANY A platform that gives brands the ability to increase their word of mouth through locals with influence. HAPPY GO LUCKY Word of mouth, meet 2019. Localfluence […]

UV50 Startups to Watch: No. 4 Kortni Jeane

Meet the unsinkable Kortni Jeane. Four years ago, Kortni Niccoli started her swimwear company from her Provo bedroom while strangers knocked on her door in hopes of buying a custom suit. Today, 233k friends on Instagram are double tappin’ their hearts out to get their hands on this colorful brand. On the way, there have […]

UV50 Startups to Watch: No. 1 Divvy

Walking through Divvy headquarters was akin to a game of musical chairs. Desks lined the walls, conference rooms, and open spaces — with multiple people to one desk and no seats to spare. The 114-person company was moving to a bigger office the following week, but the growth and energy will no doubt keep them […]

UV50: 10 Startups to Watch 2018

Brain child. Meet 10 startups with serious star power and youthful good looks.                       THE FINE PRINT The Startups to Watch list is selected from a pool of applicants with less than four years of operating history. The winners and rankings were determined by BusinessQ’s […]

UV50 Startups to Watch: No. 2 Mainframe

Founded 2015 City Lehi Employees 25 Industry Blockchain, security, information technology and network infrastructure Website Mainframe.com Founder Mick Hagen, 34 The Company A platform for creating and deploying decentralized applications. GREAT MINDS Mainframe is a practice-the-preaching company. As a decentralized application platform, this tech company raised funds this year with a cryptocurrency token sale and […]

UV50 Startups to Watch: No. 1 Divvy

Founded 2016 City Lehi Employees 114 Industry Financial technology Website GetDivvy.com Founder Blake Murray, 34 The Company Provider of a free payment and expense management platform for any size of business. GREAT MINDS Innovation is paying off. This payment platform received its Series A and Series B funding just 11 weeks apart, with the Series […]

UV50 Startups to Watch: No. 3 Thread Wallets

Founded 2014 City Provo Employees 12 Industry Retail Website ThreadWallets.com Founders Colby Bauer, 28; Mckenzie Bauer, 26 The Company A provider of cool and unique wallets and accessories. GREAT MINDS Talk about a pocket full of sunshine. Thread Wallets is bringing “functionality and self expression to a product category saturated with bulky and boring.” After […]

UV50 Startups to Watch: No. 4 Kortni Jeane

Founded 2014 City Provo Employees 15 Industry Fashion Website KortniJeane.com Founder Kortni Niccoli, 26 The Company A designer of mix n’ match swimwear for women, men and children. GREAT MINDS Kortni Jeane is floating to the top. Its immensely popular line of swimwear is followed by 233k friends on Instagram and has catapulted in sales […]

UV50 Startups to Watch: No. 5 Neighbor

Founded 2017 City Lehi Employees 10 Industry Technology and self-storage Website Neighbor.com Founders Joseph Woodbury, 25; Preston Alder, 26; Colton Gardner, 26 The Company A storage marketplace that connects people with things to store with people who have extra space. GREAT MINDS Won’t you be my Neighbor? This peer-to-peer storage company (“the Airbnb of storage”) […]