No Bummer Summer: Event and Activity Guide for 2019

Utah may have the greatest snow on earth, but who’s thinking about the ski slopes when the summer days of May, June, July and August are stretching out before us? (Answer: Not us.) So we’ve curated a list of 77 summer to-dos and labeled them in four categories — sports, indoor, arts and outdoor — […]

How to get your Utah camping fix without actually camping

You get it — Utah is a great place to get outside, pitch a tent, build a fire, sleep under the stars, climb mountains, live off the land, yada yada yada. But what if camping just isn’t your thing? What if you think the outdoors are just fine but you’d rather stay within walking distance of […]

10 FHE lessons that will take your family outside this summer

Utah may be known for its snow, but summers here are pretty darn great too. Who wants to stay inside for family home evening when the mountains are calling? Here are 10 ways to teach gospel lessons to your family while enjoying the great outdoors, complete with links to Utah County JustServe service opportunities for your […]

6 ways to keep kids learning over the summer

For nine months out of the year, elementary school students practice reading, writing, art, social skills, science, technology, physical education and more. They have an established routine, and they grow rapidly. And then summer break comes, allowing kids more time to just be kids — and more time to forget everything they learned during the […]

11 city celebration activities kids will love

Kids just wanna have fun, especially in the summertime. If you’re already tired of thinking up fun things for your tribe to do, let Utah County’s kid-centric city celebrations do the heavy lifting. These multi-day events have plenty happening beyond parades, carnivals and cotton candy — although that trifecta is a pretty great way to […]

Keep the seminary fire burning all summer with these simple ideas

In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, teenagers learn important gospel principles in daily seminary classes — during the school year. But what happens during the summer? Though most places don’t hold seminary classes during the summer months, families can work together to keep the gospel fire that seminary ignites burning all summer long. […]

Cover up, spray or go inside: Tips for a bite-free summer

It’s getting warmer, the days are getting longer and mosquitoes are ready to bite. Though the majority of people bitten by mosquitoes only will have to live with a pesky, itchy bite for a few days, mosquitoes in Utah County may carry West Nile virus — a potentially deadly disease. To keep yourself and your […]

No sprinkler play, limited lawn watering: Lehi OKs new water rules

Starting May 11, Lehi residents will have some tough new water restrictions. The Lehi City Council approved the restrictions Tuesday night, known as Phase III: Severe Water Shortage. The restrictions are necessary because the city has less than 50 percent of its allotted water available this year because of the drought, said Robert Ranc, Lehi’s […]

Cedar Hills chooses education over fines

Cedar Hills knows its residents are using millions more gallons of water each week watering their lawns than they should, but instead of instituting a mandatory watering schedule and fines, the city has embarked on an education campaign. “The city has concerns just because it puts a huge pressure on the city’s infrastructure and the […]

14 signs you can’t take this Utah Valley heat wave anymore

With temperatures reaching 103 degrees Fahrenheit in parts of Utah yesterday and continuously hot weather, it’s time that things cooled down a bit. Here are 14 signs you aren’t able to handle the sweltering sun anymore. 1. You spend every day at one of the local splash pads. With splash pads at Pioneer Park, Thanksgiving […]

Work it: 8 local summer jobs for your teenager

The temperatures are rising, the school year is coming to a close, and your teenagers are looking forward to the lazy days of summer. Or maybe they’re looking forward to a productive summer of hard work and earning money. Either way, now is the time to apply for Utah County’s coveted summer jobs. Here are […]

11 reasons warm weather needs to come and stay

With temperatures expected to reach the 70s in Utah County this week, it might finally be warm enough to leave the house without an emergency jacket in tow. Here are signs you’ve been cooped up inside too long during these cold winter months — and that we can’t bear another cold weather relapse. 1. You […]

A Tradition For Every Season

These seasonal family tradition ideas have both rhyme and reason. Take a look and see which ones you want to incorporate to your yearly lineup.  Fall Into Fall Fall in love with fall colors  • The Extravagant Way: Treat your family to dinner at Foundry Grill and then ride the Sundance lift to see the […]

TGI Friday Video: May/June Director’s Cut

Our May/June issue is full of ways to bust summer boredom, talk with local techies, and photos of the cutest little cuties you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Although this issue flows seamlessly, there were hiccups with putting together each story you’d never see on the pages. That’s why Editor-In-Chief Jeanette Bennett is here to […]

TGI Friday Video – Summer Fun With Pumped Up Kids

Making plans for summer? Here are 5 ways to kick summer boredom to the curb in the best way possible — staying right here in Utah Valley. Fasten your helmets, grab those swim trunks and hoist on your sense of adventure because there’s everything to do in so little time. For a complete list of […]