8 of Utah County’s best beaches

The Beehive State is hundreds of miles from the ocean, but it’s still possible to have fun at the beach without making the 600-plus mile trip to the west coast. Utah County has a handful of sandy “beaches” next to local ponds, lakes and reservoirs, where you can have a great time sunbathing, swimming, kayaking, […]

5 places to cool off while Utah Lake is closed

The Utah Department of Health and Utah County Health Department closed Utah Lake on Friday, July 15, after testing the water and discovering that a toxic algal bloom covered 90 percent of the lake. Tuesday afternoon the Utah Department of Environmental Quality closed the Utah County portion of the Jordan River because the algal bloom […]

Success of Provo’s rec center means it needs more equipment

  With more than 23,000 members and about $500,000 over this year’s projected revenue, Provo’s recreation center is getting its share of business. But all those members, plus the people who just come for the day, plus those using the attached senior center, plus the people who come for community events or competitions are stretching […]

Pool pro: Cathy Smits is the authority on all things aquatic in Provo

It’s not summer until you’ve taken a dip in a swimming pool — and one of the best local places to get wet is the new Provo Recreation Center. Cathy Smits, aquatics supervisor for the rec center, plays a vital role in making sure pool time goes swimmingly for guests. Cathy has a background in […]

10 most expensive activities for kids in Utah County

Extracurricular activities help kids develop social skills, work ethic, teamwork and self-discipline—all worthy pursuits. At the end of the day, sports are much less about winning and much more about having fun and making friends. But when it comes to your pocketbook, not all activities are created equal. The costs of these activities can easily […]

Just keep swimming: 7 indoor pools for the winter months

Due to Utah’s seasonal weather, most outdoor pools are open only from May to September. Fortunately, Utah Valley has great indoor pools where little fishies can practice their swan dives and butterfly strokes year round. Here’s the UV swim list. Jump right in! The water’s fine. Springville Community Pool The Springville Community Pool has classes for […]

My 40 minutes in the Homestead Crater

Homestead crater, Midway, Utah

Swimming in the Homestead Crater is an other-worldly experience. From the slick, textured walls of the Crater’s beehive-shaped dome to its cloudy, mineral-rich grey waters, I marveled that this intriguing, enchanting gem was practically in my backyard. I felt like we’d gone from Midway to Mars. The Homestead Crater is a natural wonder 10,000 years […]