Ideas for teaching children about the last week of Christ’s life

Easter can be a tricky holiday for Latter-day Saints. Traditional celebrations include the Easter Bunny, eggs, candy, Easter egg hunts and new clothes. Religious celebrations have nothing to do with these rituals, but instead focus on Jesus Christ and His atonement. It’s up to each LDS family to choose how to celebrate Easter. But if […]

8 things your child should know by 8 years old

During a family reunion, my sisters and I (all with different family sizes) got into a discussion about what we should teach our children before they turn eight years old. What do you think is important to teach a child (or at least start a conversation about) before they’re eight? Here’s our shortlist: 1. Teach them about […]

Eight is great: 8 things to teach your child before baptism

Baptism is the first ordinance in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Children of record are eligible for baptism when they turn 8 years old, but parents and Church leaders should help them prepare for this important milestone before the child is baptized. Here are eight things to teach your child before he or she turns 8 years […]

5 ways to raise children who are good at life

In the Tana French novel “Broken Harbor,” a family member describes a perfect-on-the-outside crime victim as someone who is “good at life.” Without giving away the ending, the character most certainly is not. I read the book during the long nights that followed my fourth child’s birth, and much of its plot and details are […]

Helping kids love the temple at every age

It is a time of unprecedented temple building, and Utah has more temples than any other state. Utah is home to 17 temples — 10 more than California, which has the second-most—and is home to the only two cities in the world with two temples (Provo and South Jordan). One open house is currently running with […]

Food for thought: Why we don’t eat out with our kids

For the past seven years, I’ve worked from home as a freelance writer and editor. I have three kids, so I do most of my work in my home office (read: desk in our spare room) in my yoga pants when I should probably be in bed. Occasionally, I get assignments that require me to […]