BusinessQ Roundtable: CEOs are totally boss

On Tuesday, February 23, 2016, five CEOs joined BusinessQ in Provo’s Creative Stream studios. For video aesthetics, the conversation was taped in two parts but appears here as one conversation. Jeanette Bennett, BusinessQ: What do you enjoy about the role of CEO? Noel Vallejo, TestOut: A CEO has to have the confidence to make decisions. […]

This will be on the test: Pleasant Grove’s TestOut aces online certifications

Noel Vallejo, founder of TestOut, has taken his turn in the testing center. In 1999, this El Paso native occupied two buildings in downtown Pleasant Grove, but his eight-year-old venture wasn’t acing its business model of educational technology. “There were foreclosure signs in our windows, and I was meeting with the IRS and with banks,” […]