TGI Friday Video: The Power of Influence

Communication is key in any industry, for any company all around the world. But speaker, author, entrepreneur and Utah County native Ty Bennett says there is something in the water here in our valley that produces some of best communicators out there. See why and get some tips while you’re at it here in this […]

TGI Friday Video: BusinessQ Sales Roundtable

Ever look at booming sales companies and wonder how they do it? BusinessQ Editor in Chief Jeanette Bennett met up with Utah Valley’s finest in the sales industry to get their strategy to success. Plus, they’re sharing a few other secrets you won’t want to miss. For more of the Roundtable sales discussion, visit our […]

TGI Friday Video – Daughters Turn Into Mothers

This Sunday is finally Mother’s Day! So naturally, we couldn’t let this Friday slip away without giving a shout-out. This video shows three young Utah Valley mommas (Marie Sant, Amy Rasmussen and Jennifer Crafts), all proud parents of our “Cutest Cuties” winners in the May/June issue, enjoying motherhood to its fullest. Plus, they offer up […]

TGI Friday Video: May/June Director’s Cut

Our May/June issue is full of ways to bust summer boredom, talk with local techies, and photos of the cutest little cuties you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Although this issue flows seamlessly, there were hiccups with putting together each story you’d never see on the pages. That’s why Editor-In-Chief Jeanette Bennett is here to […]

TGI Friday Video – Summer Fun With Pumped Up Kids

Making plans for summer? Here are 5 ways to kick summer boredom to the curb in the best way possible — staying right here in Utah Valley. Fasten your helmets, grab those swim trunks and hoist on your sense of adventure because there’s everything to do in so little time. For a complete list of […]

TGI Friday Video: The Office with Stacy Beck

  She’s bright, beautiful and bound to get the sale! Meet Stacy Beck, our longest standing sales representative at Bennett Communications (almost 8 years). See why she loves her job and what she really thinks about THE OFFICE folk. To meet more of the staff or to learn more about the people, life and events […]