The Q Awards: One Healthy Unicorn

Health catalyst made headlines this February as Utah’s newest tech unicorn.    The healthcare data and analytics provider raised $100 million in debt and equity financing, tipping its valuation to more than $1 billion.    “When you hear about milestones such as this, people oftentimes think of the company as an overnight success story. But […]

The Q Awards: Encore of Giving

   Ray Noorda was the “father of network computing” who led Novell to icon status and changed the landscape of our tech-savvy valley.    Tye Noorda was a gifted musician, writer, director, poet and songwriter.    Together, they were a powerhouse couple who set out to better the world and empower the people in it. […]

The Q Awards: The Winning Goods

Goodwin media’s got the goods.    Sundance Resort. Baby Bling. Nena & Co. Lulu & Roo. Rags to Raches. Fawn Design. Chatbooks. Health Catalyst.    These successful companies all have one thing in common: they’re present (and past) clients of Goodwin Media.    The Highland company, comprised of 20 marketing professionals at the top of […]

The Q Awards: Into the Wild Q Yonder

The past 12 months in Qualtrics’ history have included a “Wall Street pump fake,” the largest transaction in Utah history, a sold-out event with Oprah and Obama on the agenda, and the giving away of a free pass to a Qualtrics’ user who sold lasagnas to earn her X4 ticket before realizing all the seats […]

The Q Awards: Naming Utah Valley’s top movers and makers in 2016

Q the applause: Utah Valley BusinessQ presents our 2016 movers and makers. Our second annual Q Awards highlight the best of the biz — including Omniture co-founder John Pestana, who is on a magazine cover for the first time in his lucrative career. You’ll also go inside the Google Fiber offices and find out the most unique fact […]

The Q Awards: BusinessQ presents Utah Valley’s top movers and makers of 2014

Our first order of business here at BusinessQ is to ask the Qs. And as we gather the As — story by story, issue by issue — we begin to see trends. Winning trends. And once we’ve identified top-tier trends, faces, ideas, headlines and marketing strategies, our journalistic integrity calls for us to call them […]