Mormon missionary meets President Obama

Earlier this year Elder Brendan Bailey traded in his basketball shoes for a black LDS missionary name tag and boarded a plane to Washington, D.C. When his father’s former college team came to the city to visit the president, Elder Bailey went along. In 1983, North Carolina State University won the NCAA championship but did […]

American Fork’s Brendan Bailey settles into first season as forward

AMERICAN FORK — When you are the son of a former NBA player like Brendan Bailey, being good at basketball is almost second nature. Basketball is in Bailey’s DNA. It has defined his daily routine since he was old enough to dribble and shoot. Sleeping in late or lounging around watching cartoons were not his childhood […]

The 50 coolest Mormon men alive today

If Mormons were to pick a delegation of 50 men to represent the church’s “cool factor” to a world-wide audience, who would make the list? Here is a modest proposal. Who are we missing?