5 ‘follow the prophet’ traditions to start right now

The April 2017 general conference is now two months behind us. In conference, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints shared uplifting messages and gave directions on how to improve our lives. With two months past, we can now ask, “What have I done with what I’ve learned?” All five of the traditions listed […]

10 Utah Valley traditions that keep Christ in Christmas

Christmas is a magical time of year, especially with meaningful family traditions. Maybe your family always gets together for dinner on Christmas Eve, or maybe your kids write letters to Santa every year. Some families like to take a drive to see Christmas lights or go shopping on Black Friday. All holiday traditions can have special […]

5 Christ-centered Thanksgiving traditions

Thanksgiving — complete with food, football and festivities — is the unofficial kickoff to the American holiday season. A day of gratitude is just the ticket to starting off the merriest time of the year. But a spirit of gratitude shouldn’t be confined to Thanksgiving, nor should the spirit of Christ be celebrated only at Christmastime. Here are a few traditions to […]

Making memories: 5 ways to make general conference fun for kids

With inspiring messages, family traditions, a chance to sleep late and church on TV, what’s not to love about general conference? If you’re a kid, there might be a lot. Eight hours of listening to people speak, often without any sort of visual aid to add interest, is challenging for little ones and adults alike. […]