Adam Hine shows in one play why BYU won’t miss Williams in game 1

On a day when the BYU offense “won the day” according to head coach Bronco Mendenhall, running back Adam Hine showed on one play why BYU fans need not fret the absence of Jamaal Williams for the season opener at UConn. The 25-yard gallop, which showcased Hine’s explosiveness and power, was witnessed by more than […]

Orem’s University Mall concept architecture

Residents, students and visitors who drive through Orem recognize the intersection of University Parkway and State Street as the epicenter of not only Orem, but all of Utah Valley. Now Orem’s central hub is getting a facelift. The Woodbury Corporation recently received the go ahead from Orem City to revamp and reinvent the 112 acres […]

Orem couple save $40,000, quit jobs to travel world for a year

What if you decided to take 26 years of work vacation time all at once? How far would $40,000 and two heavy-duty backpacks get you around the globe? Orem husband and wife Mark and Britnee Johnston are about to find out. On May 26, they embark on a yearlong world tour, using money they’ve been […]

Provo resident offers Taste of the good life with new chocolate factory, store

There’s a new chocolate factory coming to Provo, and you won’t need a Golden Ticket to enter. But it’s fair to say that owner Phil Davis is every bit as passionate about chocolate as the candy man portrayed in the 1971 movie “Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory.” Think Gene Wilder’s Wonka-y exuberance, if Gene […]

Girls on the Run teaches young women to put their best foot forward

Give a girl the right shoes, and she can run the world. So says Girls on the Run, a nonprofit organization that aims to help young girls develop self-confidence by pairing life lessons with running. After school, girls in grades 3 through 8 meet to train for a race and are also taught by female […]

Put some spring in your style with these 7 Utah County trends

Nationally, spring fashion is a mixed bag this year, according to Elle Magazine. New York runways showed everything from bold, black-and-white graphic prints to icy pastels, from skimpy crop tops to long, pleated skirts. Utah County has its own timing when it comes to couture, so we asked several boutique owners for a local fashion forecast. […]

12 obscure but awesome holidays to celebrate with your kids

Today for St. Patrick’s Day my kids are gorging on gold (chocolate) coins and green Gatorade that they found at the end of the rainbow (glitter). I’m a pretty pathetic mom when it comes to crafts — I could devote an entire website to my Pinterest failures — but I do love the idea of […]

A weighty issue: Poll reveals what locals think about their weight

In a UV360 poll, 80 percent of Utah Valley residents said they’d like to lose weight. Forty-two percent said “a lot of weight,” 38 percent said “a little weight” and 13 percent said “I am my ideal weight.” Seven percent said, “I need to gain a few pounds.” At a national level, 69.2 percent of […]

Utah Valley’s dirty little secret and what you can do about it

Get the facts: Salt Lake, Logan and the Orem-Provo area consistently rank in the 25 U.S. cities with worst spikes in air pollution list. Poor air quality has been linked to a higher risk of heart attacks, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia, heart disease and lung disease. Air pollution may shorten the life spans of Utah Valley residents […]

Mindy Gledhill and Hilary Weeks release new albums

Two popular area musicians released new albums last week, and they’re both worth listening to. Mindy Gledhill‘s “Pocketful of Poetry” and Hilary Weeks‘ “Say Love” will freshen up your playlists and make you fall in love with the artists all over again. Mindy Gledhill’s “Pocketful of Poetry” “Pocketful of Poetry” is Gledhill’s fifth album and, […]

Gone Saling: 5 tips to navigate Saturday’s yard sales

yard sale

As  a child, I remember long mornings spent yard-sale hopping with my dad — a true yard sale junkie. We would pull up to a house, jump out of the car and eagerly sift through piles of the seller’s unwanted items, hopeful to find our next favorite thing. My dad had a knack for finding […]

TGI Friday Video – Daughters Turn Into Mothers

This Sunday is finally Mother’s Day! So naturally, we couldn’t let this Friday slip away without giving a shout-out. This video shows three young Utah Valley mommas (Marie Sant, Amy Rasmussen and Jennifer Crafts), all proud parents of our “Cutest Cuties” winners in the May/June issue, enjoying motherhood to its fullest. Plus, they offer up […]

TGI Friday Video: May/June Director’s Cut

Our May/June issue is full of ways to bust summer boredom, talk with local techies, and photos of the cutest little cuties you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Although this issue flows seamlessly, there were hiccups with putting together each story you’d never see on the pages. That’s why Editor-In-Chief Jeanette Bennett is here to […]

Choose your own summer adventure

Ah, summer. You’re back, in all your sunshine-filled, blue-skied glory that slips us into dusky dreams of biking and camping, road trips and cruise ships. We plan and we save for these bound-to-be-unforgettable vacations. But sometimes our best-laid summer plans don’t come to life, leaving us with toxic pools of regret for wasting away the sunny days. Okay, okay, […]