Life and Death Situations: Utah Valley Hospital

As a designated Level II trauma center, Utah Valley Hospital brings the highest quality care to the sickest of the patients. It might be a car crash. Or maybe an elderly neighbor who slipped and fell, hitting her head. In other, more dramatic situations that hit the news, it might be a gunshot wound, leaving […]

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Procedure Comes to Utah Valley Hospital

The completion of the new Pedersen Tower at Utah Valley Hospital opened possibilities not available before the facility’s expansion. One major improvement is a dedicated operating room with the equipment required to perform a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) surgery for patients with severe aortic stenosis that hinders blood flow through the heart. “Traditionally, this […]

Utah Valley Hospital’s Heart & Sole combines heart entertainment and education

Heart and Sole, you’ll fall in love with heart health. Formerly known as the Race for Red, the Heart & Sole race is Utah Valley Hospital’s new venture to teach Utah Valley residents about heart health and provide a fun, family-friendly event. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of women and men in the […]

Get a first look at Utah Valley Hospital’s Sorenson Legacy Tower

Utah Valley Hospital is opening its doors to the public on Saturday to get a first look at the Sorenson Legacy Tower, the first completed phase of its $430 million hospital replacement project. The nine-story building was the hospital’s biggest philanthropic effort to date. For the Sorenson Legacy Tower, the hospital raised $35, 754,000 from the community […]

Sorenson Legacy Tower: New Utah Valley Clinic gets lofty home

Sponsored Story Starting in February 2018, Intermountain will open the Utah Valley Clinic — an all-in-one-place, state-of-the-art group of clinics located in the new Sorenson Legacy Tower on the campus of Utah Valley Hospital in Provo. The nine-story building is located just north of the main hospital and was made possible through a significant donation […]

Gardner Quad Squad reunite with doctor who delivered them

Watch our video taking the girls back to the NICU. You won’t believe what Dr. Minton had in his office!! A photo posted by Gardruplets (@gardnerquadsquad) on Nov 3, 2016 at 7:18am PDT Utah County’s Gardner quadruplets were reunited with Dr. Stephen Minton, the doctor who delivered them at Utah Valley Hospital, on Wednesday. Indie, Esme, Scarlett […]

UV Hospital’s children’s unit makes Type 1 diabetes less drastic of a life change

Sponsored Story Essentially life was perfect for Haley Hales. She had been attending school, playing on her volleyball team and going about her life like a regular teenager. But a trip to Washington with her mom showed minor signs that something wasn’t right. On the trip, Haley’s mom, Jill Hales, noticed that Haley was drinking […]

Photos capture final beam placement for Utah Valley Hospital’s new Patient Tower

Construction workers placed the final beam for Utah Valley Hospital’s new Patient Tower Thursday morning, marking the building’s halfway point. “Although it may not look like much yet behind us, I can tell you that this will be an amazing campus when it is complete,” said Steve Smoot, Utah Valley Hospital CEO. “The architects have […]

2-week-old baby’s life spared by proximity of Primary Children’s care

Sponsored Story Etta Peterson is a 9-month-old girl who smiles and sits up just like any other baby her age. However, Etta has one mark that distinguishes her from other babies — a long red scar on her belly. The scar is a reminder to her parents of the day Etta nearly stopped breathing and […]

Utah Valley Hospital brings Primary Children’s Network to Utah Valley

PROVO, UTAH — It’s a new era for Utah Valley Hospital  — an era that includes Primary Children’s Network. Utah Valley Hospital announced Tuesday that it has joined the Primary Children’s Network. The Primary Children’s Network is the expansion of Primary Children’s Hospital across the state of Utah to better serve pediatric patients. Primary Children’s […]