Governor Herbert named Executive Chair of Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce

   When Governor Gary Herbert stepped down as Utah’s governor on January 4, he felt like he was leaving the Super Bowl after the third quarter.    “The pandemic had been all-consuming, and I stepped onto the sidelines during the critical fourth quarter,” he says.    Now he’s back in the game after a quick […]

Women in Utah History

By Hailey Bennett Sundwall Girl power in Utah is not new — it’s in the Beehive’s DNA. Here are five snapshots of five fabulous players in Utah’s female history. Emmeline B. Wells February 29, 1828 – April 25, 1921 Journalist, leader, and women’s rights activist, Emmeline Wells used her pen as her sword and her […]

Angels Among Us: Ralph Clegg Devotes His Life To Keeping Utah County Healthy

Ralph Clegg knows and loves Utah Valley. He was raised on an orchard in the heart of Orem. He spent much of his time growing up outside, working in the fruit trees. Now, he lives in his parents’ old home, still enjoying Orem, even as the population has swelled and orchards have disappeared. Growing up, […]

Opportunity Knocking: Waving the Flag of Hope

One of Cathy Nixon’s life passions is helping create opportunities for others. She coached the UVU women’s basketball team for 24 seasons, leading the team from the junior college ranks to Division I and the WAC, mentoring her players along the way. Then in April 2019, Cathy became a senior associate athletic director for alumni […]

Queen of Confidence: Waving the Flag of Confidence Through Activism

For Sydney Glass, the easiest part about pageants is choosing a platform. At age 3, Sydney was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, and 10 years later she started fundraising and raising awareness about T1D. She became an ambassador through the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation and speaks at events and on social media. By the time […]

All Ears: Waving the Flag of Empathetic Listening

For the past five years, Katie Cheesman has had a front-row seat to the power of empathetic listening. In her nursing career, she switched to home health so she could have more time to listen to her patients tell life stories. She became especially fond of one patient and his wife. “They were the most […]

Raise Your Voice: Waving the Flag of Civility

Over the past few months, Nikki Walker has watched as civil injustice, racism and pandemic have created mounting tension and uncertainty. She’s also pondered on the word “civility,” deciding that civility is the answer to understanding others and solving problems. “Once people are civil, everything else can fall into place. The opposite of civility is […]

Making History: Waving the Flag of Courage

When Deidre Henderson finished her eighth session as a state senator representing Spanish Fork, she filed to run again for a third term. But within hours, Spencer and Abby Cox invited Deidre and her husband, Gabe, to visit them in Fairview — but they didn’t want the Hendersons to help them move pipe or take […]

UV Index: Pandemic Theater

By Hailey Bennett Sundwall In 2017, a driven 16-year-old actor had the idea to start a youth theater company and donate the proceeds to foundations in need. Three years later, Utah Valley Youth Players is still performing — and still donating. Proceeds from their productions have generously gone to Make-A-Wish Foundation, National Suicide Prevention, and […]

20 Q’s With Paige Osmond

Utah Valley Magazine turns 20 this year! We’re catching up with past cover stories and asking 20 questions.  What are main memories of playing Clara in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in 2012? I was the youngest person in the cast. In the show, I start out as a girl in the crowd and lights […]

Women in Business: Courtney Anderson, Spa Trouvé

Courtney Anderson has always been fiercely independent and a passionate entrepreneur. Even at 4 years old, she recognized her passion for the beauty industry as she assured her mom that she would be “Miss. America, of course!” With that passion, Courtney became Miss Alpine, an accomplished pianist, a graduate of BYU, wife to Nicholas Anderson, […]

August 2020 Must Dos

By Hailey Bennett Sundwall Virtual Art A La Carte Anytime, anywhere. Pajama date night is now acceptable at BYU’s Museum of Art as you virtually tour John Henri Moser’s “Painting Utah Modern” collection, as well as “A Studio of Her Own: Women Artists from the MOA collection.” The Sound of ‘Music Man’ July 31- […]

Local cosmetics company shines a light on empowerment

Shine cosmetics began at a dance competition. Chandler Taylor was doing her daughter’s makeup when she started reading the labels out loud. Taylor realized how many of the titles had sexual connotations. Quality makeup without risqué marketing had to exist, right? Well, Chandler made sure of it by creating a brand with exactly that mission. […]

Pivot Power: Local Businesses Adapting to COVID-19

By Ansalee Morrison + Briana Stewart Pivot. Reinvent. Innovate. During the onset of Covid-19 and the subsequent economic downturn, these business terms became the mantra of companies large and small. We were entirely impressed with how quickly local businesses adapted to a new normal — so here’s a smattering of success stories to inspire us […]

Faces of the Future: Utah Valley BusinessQ’s 2020 40 Under 40

By Briana Stewart Photography by Dave Blackhurst Let’s face it. It’s been a year. (And we’re only halfway through, kids.) But this crew — all born in 1980 or later — are stepping up, standing tall, and speaking out. Be it pandemic, social injustice, or natural disasters, these 40 business pros have innovated their businesses […]

40 Under 40: Britnee Nuehring

Crumbl Cookies • Orem • VP of Marketing • Age 27 Britnee Bromley Nuehring knows how the cookie Crumbls. After earning her PR degree at UVU and working as a marketing manager at Avalaunch Media, she’s come full circle with her role at Crumbl Cookies. Armed with iconic pink boxes and Nuehring’s marketing prowess, the […]

40 Under 40: Heather Hammond Cruz

Nu Skin • Provo • Director of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability • Age 38 Heather Hammond Cruz is a jill of all trades. After graduating in flute performance, she worked at Stanford University in their MBA program. She then worked for Cisco Systems in the Bay Area doing global events, as well as participated in […]

40 Under 40: Jensen Warnock

Alpha Secondary Fund with Mercato Partners • Managing Director • Age 34 Jensen Warnock is a capital captain. After earning a degree in computer science from BYU and an MBA from Carnegie Mellon, he worked as an engineer at National Instruments, as well as doing freelance development work. He then founded Auxano Funding, a revenue-based […]

40 Under 40: Jon McBride

BYU • Provo •  Media Relations • Age 37 Jon McBride is hashtag-important. He’s the social media manager at BYU and has been in charge of growing the university’s main accounts. With thoughtful initiatives, he’s tackled crucial topics such as sexual assault, consent, racism, sexism, homophobia, conflict resolution and mental health awareness. And last year, […]

40 Under 40: Sarah Tyau

Sarah Tyau • Provo • Founder • Age 36 Sarah Tyau has been living that DIY life. As a young married mom, she started upcycling old, outdated clothes and posting the vintage chic wardrobe items on her blog. Today? That blog is read by millions of readers monthly, she has nearly 200k followers on Instagram, […]

40 Under 40: Andrew Stone

Utah Valley University • Orem • Associate Vice President • Age 38 Dr. Andrew Stone has been giving it the old college try — and our university community is better for it. Stone completed a master’s degree in education in 2010 and a Ph.D. in 2014 (both from the University of Utah). He started working […]

40 Under 40: Sydni Sorensen

Lulu and Roo • American Fork • Founder + CEO • Age 35 Sydni Sorensen knows wear it’s at. As a mother, she understood the desire for stylish — but kid-friendly — children’s clothing. So five years ago, she and her business partner set out to design clothes kids could “run, play and nap in.” […]

40 Under 40: Danny Villarreal

Wink Naturals • Pleasant Grove •  Founder + CEO • Age 37 Danny Villarreal is a natural. After graduating in communications from BYU in 2008, he co-founded Zarbee’s Naturals (vitamins/supplements) and is the founder and CEO of Wink Naturals (skin care/CBD patch/sleep products). Throughout his career, Villarreal has developed and launched dozens of consumer packaged […]