Governor Herbert named Executive Chair of Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce

   When Governor Gary Herbert stepped down as Utah’s governor on January 4, he felt like he was leaving the Super Bowl after the third quarter.    “The pandemic had been all-consuming, and I stepped onto the sidelines during the critical fourth quarter,” he says.    Now he’s back in the game after a quick […]

UTAH vs. COVID-19: Monday, April 13, 2020

Whether it’s because of social distancing, a nondenominational global fast, or lower-than-expected testing rates, Utah’s numbers looked amazing today! Only 60 new cases of COVID-19 were reported on Monday, which is a 3 percent growth rate. Also, the state expanded the list of symptoms from three to six — and they want to test ANYONE […]

UTAH vs. COVID-19: Saturday, April 11, 2020

I’ve been writing updates and posting them on Facebook (approx. 4-5 per week) since March 16, 2020. Yesterday, they deemed my posts inappropriate and in violation of community standards. Fortunately, all of my updates are stored here on Data As of Saturday, April 11, Utah has 18 deaths related to COVID-19 (5 new deaths […]

DAILY UPDATE of UTAH vs. CORONA: Monday, April 6, 2020

Plans are in motion and the right hands are on the wheel. Today, the cogs kept moving forward while the state maintained social distancing under Governor Herbert’s directive. He didn’t speak at the daily press briefing, perhaps because he felt he was being repetitive (something he mentioned at the past two daily press conferences). Utah […]

WEEKEND UPDATE ON UTAH vs. COVID-19: April 4, 2020

Utah has been collaborating and “crushing” the past couple of days. In an unprecedented partnership, the state of Utah and Silicon Slopes announced and its accompanying “Crush the Curve” slogan. The goal is to get 2 million Utahns (basically everybody) to take the assessment at The simple and easy questionnaire gathers data and then helps those with symptoms schedule […]

Utah vs. Coronavirus: April 1, 2020

Governor Gary Herbert started his this third daily press conference by denouncing the April Fool’s joke that circulated on social media today saying that he ordered all students to repeat their current grade in school starting next fall. Not true! #aprilfools Then he shared some truths, which include a slight relaxation of rules for restaurants and […]

DAILY UPDATE ON COVID-19: Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Although it still feels like we’re living in the Twilight Zone — and the ending hasn’t been written — it also feels like the state is falling into a routine. Gov. Gary Herbert held another daily press conference. Dr. Angela Dunn, Utah’s epidemiologist, updated the case count at her consistent 1 p.m. meeting. Here’s my […]

DAILY UPDATE COVID 19: March 30, 2020

Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox compared fighting COVID-19 to building an airplane while flying it — which in my estimation is much better than sitting on the ground debating where to begin the daunting process of assembling a plane. Three new plans took flight in Utah today — child-care for first responders, small loans offered by […]

WEEKEND UPDATE FOR COVID-19: Saturday, March 28, 2020

At 4 p.m. on Friday, the state stood still while Governor Herbert held a press conference and outlined additional guidelines he called “Stay Safe, Stay Home.” Most of the four-page document is a stronger reiteration of what has already been stated — work from home, isolate if you have symptoms, maintain a 6-foot social distancing […]

Daily COVID-19 update: Thursday, March 26, 2020

Today’s edition of COVID-19 includes a vocabulary lesson, statistics on the reduction of miles we’re driving, and some good news about the non-spike of positive tests Utah is reporting. Here are my 18 takeaways from this alternate universe we are getting used to. Stay At Home Vs. Shelter In Place These two phrases have been […]

DAILY UPDATE ON COVID-19: Wednesday, March 25, 2020

During this afternoon’s Silicon Slopes Town Hall, Summit County (Park City) announced a “shelter from home” order — then we learned in real time that Governor Herbert supported it. Colorado instigated a “shelter from home” order during the Zoom discussion as well, and Idaho had done the same thing two hours previous. Things are changing […]

Daily COVID-update: March 24, 2020

Data As of Tuesday, March 24, Utah has 298 cases of COVID-19, which is up 41 new cases from the previous day. (Utah County has 13 positive cases). Total testing in the state is 5,823 so far. Testing capacities have increased to 2,600 per day, with the expectation that even more testing will be available […]

Daily COVID-19 update: March 23, 2020

During today’s Silicon Slopes conference call, Lieutenant Governor Spencer Cox learned from Elder Craig C. Christensen that his missionary son (along with almost all of the 19,800 U.S. missionaries for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints serving in foreign lands) will be returning to the United States. And all of us on the […]

Daily COVID-19 update: March 21, 2020

Weekend Update Like many have said, “What a year this week has been!” Yes, it has been economically devastating for many and socially isolating for all. But we live in the best state in the nation, full of minds working on the problem from every possible angle. As I’ve listened to a number of conference […]

Daily COVID-19 Update: Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Wednesday update! Once again, Silicon Slopes facilitated a phone call with state and community leaders. We heard updates from Mitt Romney, Steve Starks, Spencer J. Cox, Bill Hulterstrom, and others. Here are a few of my takeaways from the conference call as well as other emails/texts I’ve received: Testing The good news is that the […]

Daily COVID-19 update: Tuesday, March 17, 2020

Today’s update is largely based on a press conference with the Utah Department of Health and Dr. Angela Dunn, the state’s epidemiologist. I’ll also include volunteer opportunities and other generous ideas that cross my desk. Data In Utah, we have performed 900 tests for COVID-19. We have 51 positive tests so far, with 41 of […]

First Daily COVID-19 update: Monday, March 16, 2020

I just got off a conference call with 200+ community leaders (hosted by Silicon Slopes and Clint Betts) and wanted to share a few of my takeaways. Within our state we have the innovation and ability to produce 50,000+ diagnostic tests PER DAY for the coronavirus. These tests are made by Co-Diagnostics, and they are […]

Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Procedure Comes to Utah Valley Hospital

The completion of the new Pedersen Tower at Utah Valley Hospital opened possibilities not available before the facility’s expansion. One major improvement is a dedicated operating room with the equipment required to perform a transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVR) surgery for patients with severe aortic stenosis that hinders blood flow through the heart. “Traditionally, this […]

20 Q’s with Chad Lewis

During the 20th year of Utah Valley Magazine, we’re re-interviewing cover stories with 20 new questions.  Utah Valley Magazine: What do you remember about being on the cover of Utah Valley Magazine in 2002? Chad Lewis: It was a great honor at the time, and I still feel the same way now. UV: What advice […]

Double the Dreamers: Brad and Shae Robins Reach For the Stage and Lift Each Other

Brad Robins and Shae Hunsaker met in 2011 as members of BYU Young Ambassadors. That summer they toured to South Africa, Botswana and Swaziland with the group. “On Young Ambassadors, we had a variety of experiences — onstage, offstage, in the limelight, out of the limelight. That gave us an opportunity to see each other […]

Holiday Recipe Winner: Mock Raspberry Cheesecake

Mock Raspberry Cheesecake is not quite cheesecake — the layers of white cake, cream cheese and raspberries create a creamy taste without the heaviness of a true cheesecake. The tartness of the raspberries complement the sweetness of the cream and cake — and drew our staff back in for seconds. Prepared in a sheet pan, […]

Artist Jen Lewin illuminates Luminaria at Thanksgiving Point

Jen Lewin, artist and owner of Jen Lewin Studio in Brooklyn, New York, was camping in Western Australia when she and some friends discovered a magical moonlight reflection. The receding tide had left dozens of small pools of water that reflected in the moonlight and looked like tiny dots of light in the otherwise dark […]

Young Living Digs into Earth Day with New Corporate Holiday

Young Living Essential Oils, the world leader in essential oils with headquarters in Lehi, recently announced Employee Service Day, a new paid holiday for their U.S. employees. The corporate holiday coincides with Earth Day and provides Young Living employees the opportunity to spend a day beautifying local communities. For its inaugural Employee Service Day, the […]

How to get your Utah camping fix without actually camping

You get it — Utah is a great place to get outside, pitch a tent, build a fire, sleep under the stars, climb mountains, live off the land, yada yada yada. But what if camping just isn’t your thing? What if you think the outdoors are just fine but you’d rather stay within walking distance of […]

7 anniversary destinations close to home

“Oh, they say when you marry in June you’re a bride all your life” — or, at least, you can celebrate your nuptials every time “spring, spring, spring” rolls around. If you’re one of the June brides who celebrates her anniversary this month, it’s not too late to plan your romantic getaway. Here are seven anniversary […]

Utah’s most interesting top seller at Walmart in 2017

The No. 1 item on Utahns’ list when they shop at Walmart is a personal travel care kit. The study conducted by Walmart evaluated purchases made at to determine what was the top selling item in each state at Walmart. However, the top seller may not be the true top seller, but it is […]

New York Times shares ‘Unusually Popular Summer Travel Spots for Each State’

Utahns love to travel to Tonga, according to a Facebook study. The data was based off of where people “check in” on Facebook when they are traveling abroad during the summer since 2012. The New York Times wrote that this unusually popular destination was the most surprising. “Despite the island’s small footprint, it was the most […]

Weekend best bets: 6 Utah Valley events to fill your weekend

Summer is halfway over in Utah Valley, but things are just heating up. Make the most of your July weekends by marking these Utah Valley events in your calendar. Jigglefest Ashton Gardens is ready to get their jiggle on. Well, at least the Jell-O will be jiggling. Grab your swimsuit and goggles and join Thanksgiving Point for […]