UV50 Startups to Watch: Brandless

THIS STORY IS so ON BRAND. Last year, James Clarke of Clarke Capital Partners saw an opportunity to buy startup Brandless out of the Bay Area. The Provo firm is known for being “operators first and investors second.” So after Clarke Capital Partners acquired Brandless and added the consumer products platform to their portfolio, they […]

UV50 Startups to Watch: Built Bar

The most-watched bYU sports video ever on social media was built by Nick Greer. In August, the CEO hyped up the BYU football team — and fans worldwide — with his plans for Built to pay for all of the walk-ons’ tuition as part of the NIL initiative. Tears and cheers followed — along with […]

UV50 Economic Engines: Peg Companies

LET’S GET REAL (ESTATE) — PEG companies is taking things up a peg. The Provo powerhouse has a thousand employees across the country investing, developing, and managing various properties. From hospitality to multi-family housing to student housing (and many, many sectors in-between), PEG has developed more than $1.2 billion in real estate and is building […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: Dental Intelligence

DENTAL INTELLIGENCE has A smart mouth — AND THEY’VE EARNED IT. More than 8,000 dental practices use the premier software to smartly grow their business. What’s more, Dental Intelligence has more than 100 million patients in its database. “Our goal is to get 50 million more people in the U.S. to have healthy mouths,” says […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies: Baltic Born

BALTIC BORN IS ALL DRESSED UP — WITH EVERYWHERE TO GO. Founded by three sisters — Allison Hunt, Angela Liljenquist, and Marianne Liljenquist — the e-commerce shop went from side hustle to serious muscle. In 2017, they did $70k in revenue. In 2020, they hit $11 million. The online boutique sells both the sisters’ own designs […]

UV50 Fastest-Growing Companies Mo’ Bettahs

It’s been quite the ride for Kimo and kalani mack. The two “bradahs” from Hawaii have gone from city bus drivers on Oahu to restaurateurs — transporting their ono eats to the mainland. Before they opened Mo’ Bettahs in 2008, their journey had been served with everything from bankruptcies to self help books. “Life was […]

No. 30 Fastest-Growing Companies: Jane

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 67% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 187 INDUSTRY Retail WEBSITE Jane.com CEO Taleeb Noormohamed, 44 THE COMPANY A curated marketplace that brings small boutiques and big brands together to offer daily deals. BRIGHT SPOTS There’s nothing plain about this Jane. The Lehi business — and former UV50 Startup to Watch — transformed its […]

No. 29 Fastest-Growing Companies: Big Leap

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 74% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 88 INDUSTRY Digital Marketing WEBSITE BigLeap.com FOUNDER Bryan Phelps, 37 THE COMPANY A digital marketing agency specializing in four core channels: SEO, content marketing, social media, and marketing automation. BRIGHT SPOTS Big Leap keeps getting bigger by leaps and bounds — generating nearly $11 million in revenue […]

No. 28 Fastest-Growing Companies: Observepoint

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 77% CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2010 EMPLOYEES 86 INDUSTRY Data analytics/privacy software WEBSITE ObservePoint.com FOUNDER John Pestana, 47 THE COMPANY A provider of automated digital analytics testing and tag governance. BRIGHT SPOTS Let’s observe, shall we? Powerful leadership, top tech, 300+ enterprise customers, $15+ million in sales in 2020, world-class clients, and innumerable […]

No. 27 Fastest-Growing Companies: Squeeze Media

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 93% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2009 EMPLOYEES 239 INDUSTRY Call center/BPO services WEBSITE SqueezeMedia.com FOUNDER Carson Poppenger, 45 THE COMPANY A provider of call center services, business process outsourcing, and marketing services for a variety of industries. BRIGHT SPOTS Squeeze this: A pristine reputation, top-notch leadership, big-time clients, premier certifications, and more than $4 […]

No. 26 Fastest-Growing Companies: Zamp HR

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 93% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 45 INDUSTRY PEO WEBSITE ZampHR.com FOUNDER Garth Allred, 58; Craig Allred, 56 THE COMPANY A PEO that provides comprehensive HR solutions for small- and mid-size businesses. BRIGHT SPOTS Zamp is ramping up. The company — which did nearly $30 million last year — has upped the PEO […]

No. 25 Fastest-Growing Companies: Tesani Companies

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 113% CITY Provo FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 180 INDUSTRY Private equity WEBSITE Tesani.com FOUNDER Travis Hansen, 43 THE COMPANY A holding company that starts, buys, and invests in companies. BRIGHT SPOTS Tesani knows when to hold ‘em. Their portfolio of companies includes an HR software platform for small- and medium-sized businesses; an award-winning fintech […]

No. 24 Fastest-Growing Companies: Disruptive Advertising

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 133% CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 159 INDUSTRY Marketing/Advertising WEBSITE DisruptiveAdvertising.com FOUNDER Jacob Baadsgaard, 36 THE COMPANY A digital marketing agency. BRIGHT SPOTS Disruption for the win! Disruptive Advertising — a former UV50 Startup to Watch — has become a marketing mastermind with more than $20 million in sales last year and […]

No. 23 Fastest Growing Company: Revity

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 146% CITY American Fork FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 48 INDUSTRY Marketing WEBSITE GoRevity.com FOUNDERS Jarrett Webster, 31; Daniel Webster, 36; Jason Ryser, 36 THE COMPANY A full-service advertising and marketing agency. BRIGHT SPOTS Revity, which did nearly $2 million in sales last year, is revved and ready for growth, thanks to its mantra of […]

No. 22 Fastest-Growing Companies: Action Auto Sales

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 167% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 40 INDUSTRY Automotive WEBSITE ActionAutoUtah.com FOUNDER Jason Berry, 31 THE COMPANY A used car dealership. BRIGHT SPOTS Action Auto Sales and Finance is stepping on the gas — and not letting up.  It has two locations (Orem and Lehi), offers nationwide shipping and onsite financing, created a […]

No. 21 Fastest-Growing Companies: Mo’ Bettahs

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 199% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2008 EMPLOYEES 663 INDUSTRY Food and beverage WEBSITE MoBettahs.com FOUNDERS Kalani Mack, 52; Kimo Mack, 51 THE COMPANY A fast casual restaurant serving Hawaiian-style food. BRIGHT SPOTS Mo ono grindz, mo growth. Mo’ Bettahs has been serving up aloha for 13 years. Backed by the Savory Fund, their delicious […]

No. 20 Fastest-Growing Companies: R&R Barbeque

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 218% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 358 INDUSTRY Food and beverage WEBSITE RandRBBQ.com PRESIDENT Neil Harfert, 56 THE COMPANY A fast casual barbecue restaurant. BRIGHT SPOTS R&R BBQ has the meats — and the leadership, and the systems, and the quality, and the partnerships, and the growth. Founded by 9-time grand pit master […]

No. 19 Fastest-Growing Companies: Blue Raven Solar

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 268% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2014 EMPLOYEES 1,339 (521 employees, 818 contractors) INDUSTRY Renewable energy/solar WEBSITE BlueRavenSolar.com VP Kyle Baum, 37 THE COMPANY A full-service residential solar company. BRIGHT SPOTS The sun’s coming out for Blue Raven Solar — bet their bottom dollar. This former No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company did $124 million in revenue […]

No. 18 Fastest-Growing Companies: Jobnimbus

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 310% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2013 EMPLOYEES 161 INDUSTRY Software WEBSITE JobNimbus.com FOUNDER Ben Hodson, 45 THE COMPANY A CRM software company that gives contractors a better tool for project management. BRIGHT SPOTS JobNimbus is built right. Founded by three friends with entrepreneurial mindsets, tech backgrounds, and a drive for problem solving, the company […]

No. 17 Fastest-Growing Companies: Nature’s Fusions

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 381% CITY Provo FOUNDED 2010 EMPLOYEES 40 INDUSTRY Manufacturing WEBSITE NaturesFusions.com FOUNDER CJ Peterson, 34 THE COMPANY A full-service manufacturing and packaging company in the essential oil, cosmetic, and supplement industry. BRIGHT SPOTS From a one-bedroom apartment to outgrowing their space four times, Nature’s Fusions is operating with the essentials: oils, creativity and […]

No. 16 Fastest-Growing Companies: Dental Intelligence

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 393% CITY Pleasant Grove FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 180 INDUSTRY Dental/software WEBSITE DentalIntel.com FOUNDER Weston Lunsford, 42 THE COMPANY A software provider that tracks, analyzes and automates dental practices. BRIGHT SPOTS Dental Intelligence is positively beaming. They did over $21 million in sales last year, they acquired LocalMed and Modento, and more than 8,000 […]

No. 15 Fastest-Growing Companies: Simplenexus

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 433% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2011 EMPLOYEES 236 INDUSTRY Fintech WEBSITE SimpleNexus.com FOUNDER Matt Hansen, 43 THE COMPANY A homeownership platform connecting borrowers, loan officers, real estate partners, and settlement providers throughout the homebuying process. BRIGHT SPOTS It’s simple, really: SimpleNexus, which earned $20 million last year, has experienced incredible growth by finding a […]

No. 14 Fastest-Growing Companies: Gathre

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 561% CITY Lindon FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 26 INDUSTRY eCommerce WEBSITE Gathre.com FOUNDER Marilee Killpack, 33; Devin Killpack, 37; Jessica Eraso, 32 THE COMPANY A direct-to-consumer eCommerce company that sells modern leather goods. BRIGHT SPOTS Gather round. This story begins with a leather mat that was designed to be a portable place for families […]

No. 13 Fastest-Growing Companies: Audrey & Bear

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 603% CITY Lindon FOUNDED 2014 EMPLOYEES 26 INDUSTRY Manufacturing/eCommerce WEBSITE AudreyandBear.com FOUNDER Rachel Quarnberg, 36 THE COMPANY A manufacturer/retailer of customizable baby products. BRIGHT SPOTS Audrey & Bear is just warming up. The manufacturer — best known for its swaddle blankets — now offers a variety of products from towels and clothes to […]

No. 12 Fastest-Growing Companies: Turner Imaging Systems

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 999% CITY Orem FOUNDED 2016 EMPLOYEES 12 INDUSTRY X-ray imaging WEBSITE TurnerXRay.com FOUNDER D. Clark Turner, 60 THE COMPANY A developer of X-Ray imaging technologies with portability, workflow, acquisition, wireless, and battery capabilities. BRIGHT SPOTS Turner Imaging Systems has the X-factor: Not only are they raising capital and growing in a flash, they […]

No. 11 Fastest-Growing Company: Thread Wallets

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,047% CITY Provo FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 36 INDUSTRY Consumer Goods WEBSITE ThreadWalltets.com FOUNDERS Colby Bauer, 31; McKenzie Bauer, 29 THE COMPANY Provider of carry accessories like wallets, lanyards and cases. BRIGHT SPOTS Good things come in small packages. Thread Wallets has brought style and substance to the “carry” market, dominating with more than […]

No. 10 Fastest-Growing Companies: Encor Solar

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,126% CITY Lehi FOUNDED 2016 EMPLOYEES 79 INDUSTRY Residential solar/sales WEBSITE EncorSolar.com FOUNDER Dan Larkin, 36; Jeremy Smith, 36; Jared Biesinger, 34 THE COMPANY A full-service solar provider. BRIGHT SPOTS Encor Solar is soaking up the sun. The 5-year-old company did nearly $40 million in sales in 2020; has a strategic focus on […]

No. 9 Fastest-Growing Companies: Callforce

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,228% CITY Provo FOUNDED 2016 EMPLOYEES 200 INDUSTRY Dental Communication Services WEBSITE GetCallForce.com FOUNDER Cory Pinegar, 27 THE COMPANY A dental solutions company that provides communication services for dental offices located throughout the United States. BRIGHT SPOTS In just five short years, this former UV50 Startup to Watch has become a force in […]

No. 8 Fastest-Growing Companies: Manly Bands

  THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,244% CITY Vineyard FOUNDED 2016 EMPLOYEES 51 INDUSTRY Jewelry/eCommerce/wedding WEBSITE ManlyBands.com FOUNDERS Johnathan Ruggiero, 40; Michelle Luchese, 42 THE COMPANY A direct-to-consumer ecommerce retailer of men’s wedding rings. BRIGHT SPOTS Manly Bands’ ears must be ringing. BusinessQ named them the No. 1 Startup to Watch just last year — and now they’re […]

No. 7 Fastest-Growing Companies: Awardco

THREE-YEAR GROWTH 1,372% CITY Provo FOUNDED 2015 EMPLOYEES 217 INDUSTRY Employee engagement/awards WEBSITE Award.co FOUNDER Steve Sonnenberg, 40 THE COMPANY An employee recognition software platform partnered with Amazon Business. BRIGHT SPOTS Y’all better recognize. This former No. 1 Fastest-Growing Company is keeping the awards coming by seamlessly partnering with Amazon Business, doing $50 million in […]