The Queen of Clean: Vicki Winterton encourages organizing for progress, not perfection

This is the first of a five-story series, “Empower Hour,” for Utah Valley Magazine. The junk drawer, the hall closet, the entryway table that accidentally evolved into the burial ground for receipts, bills and permission slips — every home has “that” space. Though Vicki Winterton can’t Mary-Poppins-style snap her fingers and make the job a […]

Tidy Tips from professional organize Vicki Winterton

Professional organizer Vicki Winterton shares two mistakes to avoid when tackling a rowdy room or cluttered closet. Mistake #1 Box-buying “Don’t buy containers before you know what you’ll be storing,” Vicki says. She recommends assessing the space you’re organizing before making any decisions about how and where to place each item. Mistake #2  Forgetting to […]