Utah-Tube: ‘Studio C’ gives dating tips from ‘under the sea’

“Studio C” took a trip “under the sea” for one of its most recent sketches. Creating a parody for Disney’s “The Little Mermaid,” Ariel (played by Mallory Everton) approaches Ursula (played by Whitney Call) about helping her catch Prince Eric’s attention. But things get a little awkward when Ursula gives Ariel the assignment to persuade […]

Team C: Scott Sterling scores big for Studio C

Jared Shores (producer and co-founder of Studio C) pulled up the BYUtv analytics during our mid-November interview. The comedy program’s most-viewed sketch to date was “Peeta’s Song” (part of their “Hunger Games” trilogy) with just shy of 1 million views. When they hit that seven-digit milestone, this sketch comedy team planned to have a celebratory […]

25 behind-the-scenes moments caught on camera at the Studio C photo shoot

In December 2014, Utah Valley Magazine hosted a photo shoot with Studio C in the BYU Broadcasting Building. Fifteen pages of photos and fun landed in the January 2015 issue, but here are 25 pics that didn’t make the glossy edition. 1. Team spirit There was no need to tell these castmates (plus producer) what […]

In the writing room with ‘Studio C’

BYUtv’s hit sketch comedy show “Studio C” is making millions of people laugh. But we wanted to get a behind-the-scenes look at what it takes to bring an episode to the screen. Is it all fun and games? “That’s actually pretty accurate, though sometimes it can be difficult too,” said Matt Meese, the starring actor on […]

11 of the best ‘Studio C’ skits from the first three seasons

It’s back — the season 4 premiere of the laugh-out-loud, squeaky clean comedy show “Studio C” is just around the corner. The cast returns Monday with some of your favorite characters for more family night entertainment. In order to prepare for the many laughs ahead, the UtahValley360.com staff chose 11 of our favorite “Studio C” […]

5 ‘Studio C’ spoilers without spoiling anything

PROVO — Monday night is about to get a lot more funny on BYUtv — again. Season 3 of “Studio C” begins Monday, Oct. 7 at 8 p.m. “Studio C” is a clean, family-friendly sketch-comedy show that first aired in October 2012. “Everything’s been progressing and gotten better, like the writing, and I think we’re […]