Provo spotlights women with 3rd annual Women’s Day plus Girls Summit

Provo resident Becca Jensen Ogden wants Provo to be known as a place that supports all women, no matter their life stage, marital or professional status. And she hopes that the annual Women’s Day events and Girls Summit will help build that foundation. “Provo is such a wonderful city, with so much economic development on […]

7 things Relief Society doesn’t do anymore (and 3 it does)

The Relief Society of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints turns 175 years old on March 17th, and women around the world are celebrating with activities, service projects, dinners and more. But the original members of the Relief Society — those who were in Nauvoo in 1842 when Joseph Smith founded the organization — […]

New workshop series aims to help women in business

Allison Lew noticed there weren’t a lot women attending events for entrepreneurs and people in start-up and tech businesses, so she set out to find out why — and get them involved. Lew, a business development coordinator for Provo, pulled together a focus group of women, some entrepreneurs as well as women from Brigham Young and Utah […]

Provo mayor goals: Cleaner air, more women in government, financial stewardship

Maintaining and improving quality of life, continuing to realize the importance of stewardship and helping city employees succeed — that is Provo Mayor John Curtis’s 2016 agenda. Curtis gave his annual State of the City address Tuesday afternoon, and made sure anyone who wanted to watch or participate could. The speech was broadcast live and […]

BYU law students create sports news site, by women for women

BYU law students Casi Bludorn and Mikayda Parker love sports. They love talking about sports. But they noticed that when conversations turn to sports, especially in work settings, women tend to drop out of the discussion. “We wanted to figure out a way to change that,” Parker said. So they started The Gold Clutch, an […]

Group aims to get women into tech with free classes in Provo

Wanted: Women who want to learn software development and to build web and mobile applications — for (mostly) free. Lyza Nau has started a chapter of Girl Develop It in Provo, and any woman in the area is welcome to join. “Girl Develop It is a nonprofit basically there to help provide affordable, non-judgment classes […]

Orem self-defense class teaches women confidence to defend themselves

Karen Knudsen first signed up for a self-defense class at the suggestion of her current husband, who had noticed she still carried a lot of fear from a past abusive marriage. “I went to the first class and felt really safe there,” she said. … “For me it was so empowering because now I walk […]

7 fun facts about the Female Relief Society of Nauvoo

Relief Society, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ organization for women, began in Nauvoo after the women sought Joseph Smith’s approval to organize themselves into a women’s organization similar to others of the day. Joseph Smith said God had something better in mind. Today, more than 5.5 million women in 170 countries claim membership in […]

10 recent articles that applaud Mormonism

As The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints grows, so does the impact its members have on their communities and on the world. And it’s not going unnoticed. Sure, there’s plenty of negative information about the Church and its members online, but there’s also a lot of positive. Here are 10 (relatively) recent articles that […]

Utah Women’s Show celebrates women

The bi-annual Utah Women’s Show is celebrating women this weekend at the Utah Valley University UCCU Center in Orem. “This is our health and beauty edition so there’s a lot of spas, salons and make-overs in this year’s show,” said Kendall Bennett, one of the show’s producers. “It’s always fun when we have this many health […]

For better or for worse: 5 ways things are improving in our world

Any General Conference-watching Latter-day Saint has heard warnings. The world is moving “deeper and deeper into sin,” one general authority said in 1999. Our youth are being raised in “enemy territory,” an apostle said in 2011. The world is “deteriorating,” another said in 2004. But what about the good in the world? What about the […]

12 ways women validate each other

Because girlfriends just have a special skill in backing each other up no matter how stupid their thought process might be at the time.   1. When it comes to losing weight. 2. Saying that it is never their fault. It’s never the woman’s fault, right? 3. On social media. After all, liking a […]

Thrifty nifty: 6 picks for secondhand fashion

Every time the seasons change,  a new list of things you should and shouldn’t wear comes along. But who has the time or money to keep up with every new trend? With today’s throwback styles, thrift stores with vintage clothing are an enticing option for fashionistas on a dime. But if you’re not into the […]