10 lessons I wish I’d learned in Young Women

It’s been more than a decade since I graduated from Young Women into Relief Society. I remember fondly the pre-“Come Follow Me” lessons that referenced dance halls and that mostly quoted apostles and prophets from the 1970s. I also remember the foundational doctrinal teachings I learned during that formative time in my life about the […]

5 family history tools even teenagers will love

Let’s face it — historically, family history has been for old people. But not anymore. In years past, genealogy has required a significant investment of time and effort that younger people just couldn’t afford. But today, billions of records are easily searchable online. This change has enabled people both old and young to succeed in family history work […]

How to be an extraordinary Young Women leader

No matter how you measure it, the calling to be a young women leader is one of the most demanding callings in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The youth of the Church have great potential and are of great interest to Church leaders. Serving them is an important responsibility. But keeping busy […]

7 ways to make the ‘lesser priesthood’ great

  Never in the history of the Church have leaders paid more attention to — or expected more of — the youth of the Church. Young men and women today are expected to understand gospel doctrine younger, to perform better in Seminary classes, to lead in their classes and quorums and to be prepared sooner than […]

For the Strength of Youth: 1965 to today

The 1965 edition of For the Strength of Youth has become the stuff of legends for its dated, prescriptive guidelines, especially concerning dress and grooming. The widely accepted American view in 1965 that women should never wear pants in public made its way onto those pages — the pages that were the forerunner of today’s important reference for youth […]

4 uplifting EFY alternatives for youth

Especially For Youth is popular among members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and for good reason. Youth love the program because it’s fun and inspiring, and parents love it because it helps youth build testimonies in an environment conducive to gospel living. However, the popularity of the program has made it difficult for […]

5 things every teenager should understand about fasting

Youth in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are building testimonies, and with more expected of LDS youth all the time, they are building them quickly. All that growing, spiritually and physically, means teenagers need to be fed—and, subsequently, fasting is hard. But a spiritual feast will do more, in the long run, for growing […]

5 great local volunteer opportunities for teens

(Photo courtesy LDS.org Media Library) Teenagers are walking paradoxes — they can simultaneously be the most difficult children to get along with and the family members most capable of good. They can be angsty and moody or hardworking and kind. And in any case, they’re our hope for a better tomorrow. So there’s no better […]

Helping kids love the temple at every age

It is a time of unprecedented temple building, and Utah has more temples than any other state. Utah is home to 17 temples — 10 more than California, which has the second-most—and is home to the only two cities in the world with two temples (Provo and South Jordan). One open house is currently running with […]

Mormon myths: 4 popular stories that are too good to be true

Extra, extra! Did you hear that the Church is opening China for missionary work? Or that today’s youth were generals in the war in heaven? If you did, you shouldn’t believe it. These “Mormon myths” have existed in the Church since its organization. Former Church President Harold B. Lee addressed the issue in 1973. “It […]

‘Come, Follow Me’: A glance at the new youth curriculum at work

When The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints launched a new curriculum for its youth in January, there was no shortage of enthusiasm about the change. The spirit-led, student-driven approach of “Come, Follow Me” was a stark departure from the rigid lesson plans of old, and everyone was eager to sing its praises. After […]