Must Dos — COVID-19 Edition

By Chelsea Kern For nearly 20 years, we’ve showcased local events in our “Must-Do” section of Utah Valley Magazine. But 2020 is so not 2019. Check out some of our favorite “musts” — but this time, no tickets or selfies in the seats are required. We’ve gathered podcasts, books and YouTube channels created by our […]

Utah-Tube: Disney villains take center stage in Orem couple’s Halloween mashup

“It’s a scary world out there” — including in Disney music mashups. Just in time for Halloween, Orem’s Scott and Ryceejo Shattuck transform into two Disney villains for their most recent music video. Ryceejo stands in for Mother Gothel, the villain in “Tangled,” to sing “Mother Knows Best” while Scott takes on the role of Frollo, […]

Utah-Tube: Lebaron Singers turn Cornbelly’s into Halloween Town

Cornbelly’s at Thanksgiving Point transformed into Halloween Town thanks to the new costumed inhabitants. The Lebaron Family Singers, a group of Utah singers, filmed “This is Halloween” from Disney’s “The Nightmare Before Christmas” for their newest music video. In April, The Lebaron Family Singers started making YouTube videos after their Facebook video of the family […]

Utah-Tube: UVU dance team escapes the shadows in ‘Beauty and the Beast’ video

Utah Valley University’s dance team escaped the shadows and brightened the castle with their interpretation of the “tale as old as time.” Using the musical score from the official trailer for Disney’s 2017 live-action “Beauty and the Beast,” the 18-member dance company twisted and turned in a beautiful mesh of light and darkness. To help […]

LDS father-daughter duo have a ‘million dreams’ together in new music video

The internet’s favorite father-daughter duo has YouTube fans envisioning a million dreams with their newest music video. Dave Crosby and his 5-year-old daughter, Claire, recreated the “A Million Dreams” scene from the popular movie musical, “The Greatest Showman.” In a behind-the-scenes video, Dave Crosby showed the family shopping for supplies to create the homemade wishing […]

Utah-Tube: ‘Frozen’ meets ‘Tangled’ is Disney song mashup

Utah County had a Disney princess invasion with Orem’s husband and wife duo Scott and Ryceejo Shattuck’s newest music video. The YouTube video combines two Disney princess songs: “For the First Time in Forever” from “Frozen” and “When Will My Life Begin” from “Tangled.” “As we were arranging, even we couldn’t believe how much we found […]

Utah-Tube: Meet four Utah Valley YouTubers

By Greg Bennett and McKenzie Stauffer We earned that nickname, one episode and subscriber at a time. Click below to meet a local athlete-model combo with a growing online presence, the makers of the best YouTube conference in the world, a YouTube celebrity, and the business mind behind Dry Bar comedy.

Utah-Tube: BYU Vocal Point sings beautiful Easter message

BYU Vocal Point slowed the music down to share an Easter message of hope. “In times of trouble and hardship, this song brings us HOPE,” the a cappella group wrote on Facebook. Singing “In Christ Alone,” the 9-man a cappella group shared what matters most to them — Jesus Christ. The song shares the message of Christ’s […]

LDS father-daughter duo sing peaceful Easter message

The internet’s favorite father-daughter duo have returned to YouTube with a special Easter message. Five-year-old Claire Ryann and her dad, Dave Crosby, uploaded a new YouTube video, “Peace in Christ,” on Good Friday to celebrate Easter. “Happy Good Friday and Easter weekend to all,” the family wrote on Facebook. “We’re so grateful that Christ could […]

Utah-Tube: Orem couple shares big dreams in Disney mashup

Utah husband and wife duo Scott and Ryceejo Shattuck share big dreams in an adorable new Disney mashup. The barbershop quartet-styled music mashes Disney princess Tiana singing “Almost There” from “Princess and the Frog” with Simba’s “I Just Can’t Wait to be King” from “The Lion King.” Filmed at the One Man Band Diner in Lehi, […]

Utah-Tube: Reese Oliveira covers ‘Never Enough’ from ‘The Greatest Showman’

Utah Valley can’t get enough of “The Greatest Showman” — and now Reese Oliveira has joined the ranks of local YouTubers covering the movie-musical’s songs. The 13-year-old singer, Utah-Tuber and actress, released a cover of “Never Enough” from “The Greatest Showman” on Saturday. Oliveira, who was recently featured as one of Utah Valley Magazine’s 2018 batch […]

Salem country singer loses talent show but gains YouTube fans

When Maddie Wilson was 12 she competed in a talent show in her hometown of Salem. “I lost the talent show to a group of tap dancing grandmas. My mom could tell I was pretty upset about it, so she took me to sing karaoke,” the 21-year-old Maddie says. “The people who listened to me […]

CVX Live is YouTube — live and with persons

At the height of Kid History madness, John Roberts and the rest of the cast and crew released each new episode with a premiere party. The screenings were a riot for both the fan and the featured faces. Eventually, the Kid History gang invited other local YouTube stars to participate, mingling with fans while showing […]

Cougar baller scores with fitness and lifestyle vlog

When Elijah Bryant isn’t sinking shots on the BYU basketball court, he is creating content for his next vlog with his wife, Jenelle. “The main reason we started our YouTube channel was to create memories,” Jenelle says. “It’s fun for us to watch the videos, and we also want our future kids to be able […]

Utah-Tube: Madilyn Paige joins David Archuleta for ‘Seasons’ music video

Two Utah artists — David Archuleta and Madilyn Paige — teamed up for a song about relationships. “Seasons” is one of the songs on Archuleta’s newest album, “Postcards In The Sky.” The album is Archuleta’s first since returning from a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in 2014. Archuleta, who was […]

Utah-Tube: Dahlia Row brings sentimental, classic French song to Utah

Dahlia Row adorned a pair of rose-colored glasses in the group’s newest music video. In the video, filmed at Ogden Grand Union Station, Dahlia Row sings the classic French song, “La Vie En Rose,” by Edith Piath. It is fifth video from Dahlia Row’s 2017 album. “The French way of saying ‘I am looking at the world through […]

Utah-Tube: GENTRI tells stirring love story in ‘Home’ music video

GENTRI shares a stirring story about love, separation and reunion in its newest music video, “Home.” Filmed at Port of Newport in Oregon, the lyrics to the song are a letter to a woman from her deceased husband. “Soon, dear, you’ll find me, where the stars meet the sea. Safe in the whisper that calls you […]

Adorable LDS father-daughter duo create music video for Disney

The internet’s favorite father-daughter duo have once again created magic, but this time the music video takes place at the most magical place on earth — Walt Disney World. Claire Ryann — who turned five earlier this month — and her dad, Dave Crosby, sang “A Whole New World” for one of Disney’s new music […]

AT&T shares the most watched YouTube channel in Utah

Look what she made us do. Utah watches Taylor Swift’s YouTube channel more than any other channel, according to a study by AT&T’s All Home Connections. And Utah isn’t alone its love for the country princess turned pop queen: Iowa, Kansas, New Hampshire and Vermont all have TaylorSwiftVEVO as their most viewed channel. When Swift […]

Utah-Tube: Dahlia Row flips Sinatra classic to fit ‘La La Land’ style

A childhood memory and modern-day hit film collided as Dahlia Row released its newest song, Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” with a “La La Land” twist. The Payson-based acoustic trio made up of Becky Foster, Lynda Breese and Chris Meek is focusing this year’s album on songs from their childhood. “Our 2017 album is focusing on […]

Utah-Tube: Lindsey Stirling starts the week with Selena Gomez cover

Lindsey Stirling is kicking off Monday morning the right way with a new video featuring Kurt Hugo Schneider. In the video, Stirling shows off her mad violin and dancing skills to the song “It Ain’t Me” by pop star Selena Gomez and DJ/songwriter Kygo. Schneider, an American video editor, producer, musician, singer and songwriter,  is […]

Top 10 moments with ‘Studio C’ to celebrate one billion views

The beloved clean-comedy sketch group “Studio C” took to Facebook on Thursday to announce they laughed their way to one billion views. In honor of their success, here are 10 of our favorite “Studio C” moments. 1. Scott Sterling kicks it out of the park The most popular sketch from “Studio C” is the notorious video of […]

Utah-Tube: ‘Fresh Prince of Provo’ parody captures nostalgia of popular theme song

Now this is the story all about how Cameron Seegmiller and Taylor Everett flipped the “Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” theme song into a Provo parody complete with local landmarks, indoor sunglasses and a missionary encounter. College students Seegmiller and Everett released the 90s-inspired parody, “Fresh Prince of Provo,” which was filmed in Provo, Utah, on […]

Utah-Tube: BYU Noteworthy and Cougarettes combine for girl-powered ‘Unsteady’ cover

Two of BYU’s most powerful girl groups combined for an emotional music video. BYU Noteworthy, an all-female a cappella group, covered “Unsteady” by X Ambassadors while the BYU Cougarettes accompanied them in dance. “Our new music video is particularly special,” BYU Noteworthy wrote on Facebook. “Not only did we get to collaborate with the incredible BYU Cougarettes, […]

Utah-Tube: Gardner Quad Squad storms Ellen DeGeneres’ show with cuteness It was out of the “Mommy Break” pantry and onto the big stage for the Ashley Gardner, the Orem, Utah mom of 2-year-old quadruplet girls known as the Gardner Quad Squad. Gardner got a few minutes with talk show host Ellen DeGeneres alone — just like her brief moment of Twizzler reprieve in her […]