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  1. AvatarKathy Tiney Reply

    I just watched an interview with Jeanette Bennett on Latter Day Profiles and I was completely enamored with Jeanette’s personality and enthusiasm for life and serving. She is a warm, glowing light that shines brightly for all to see and encircles you with hope and encouragement. As the editor of “Utah Valley Magazine” Jeanette emanates her love for Utah and its colorful, wonderful people and equally for each of the many unique, amazing places! My family and I have made this beautiful family-place our home since 1985 and we are proud to hold the honorary title of “Utahian”! “Utah Valley Magazine” appears to cover a cornucopia of the stories, the scenes, the topics and the peoples and their cultures. I’m excited to further my kalidescope journey of this God-inspired blessed state of Utah! Our Utah! I’m getting all verklempt now!

  2. AvatarKathy Tiney Reply

    I am excited to read “Utah Valley Magazine”! I love to learn more about the beautiful and wonderful places, events, and people of this amazing place that my family and I have lovingly called our home since 1985!
    Kathy Tiney
    Farmington, Utah

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