Vote for the Best of Utah Valley 2020

Welcome to Utah Valley Magazine’s annual Best Of Utah Valley contest. Click on each icon below to vote for your favorite businesses and organizations. The voting opens January 13, 2020, and closes February 29, 2020. 

After submitting your vote, an email will be sent from Crowdsignal to the address you provided inviting you to confirm your response. Votes are only recorded after you’ve clicked the “Confirm survey response” button. If you do not confirm your response, your vote will not counted toward the final tally. Thank you for taking this extra step to make this year’s “Best Of” the true, actual, current, totally right-on Best of Utah Valley.

Please review the Rules and Details section below to answer any questions about the contest. If you have additional questions, please contact Happy voting!

Rules and Details

The annual Best Of Utah Valley contest is a celebration of Utah Valley. Utah Valley Magazine’s intention is to reflect readers’ preferences of local businesses and organizations. To this end, Utah Valley Magazine has set the following rules to keep the voting process fair and legitimate.

  1. Utah Valley Magazine uses to conduct the voting. As such, we use the offered security option of email restriction. After voting, you will receive an email from Crowdsignal to confirm your response. If you do not confirm your response, it will not be counted toward the final tally. 
  2. Utah Valley Magazine has created nine ballots: Best Auto, Best Beauty, Best Doctors and Dentists, Best Entertainment, Best Home Services, Best Places and Faces, Best Professional Services, Best Restaurants and Best Retail. Each ballot contains several categories. For each category, Utah Valley Magazine will declare winners in the May/June 2020 issue based on the votes received during the dates above. We will declare first, second, and third place winners unless the need to declare a tie arises. 
  3. Utah Valley Magazine reviews all write-in votes and counts them equally in the final tally. Answers to write-in questions must be spelled correctly in order to be correctly counted. (We’re sticklers like that.) 
  4. Comments left on do not count as official votes.
  5. After the voting has closed, votes detected as coming from illegitimate sources will not be counted toward the final tally. 
  6. Each email address can submit each ballot one time. For example, if your email is and you want to vote in the Best Auto ballot, you can vote for as many categories within the Auto ballot as you’d like using Once you hit submit, you cannot go back and vote on the Best Auto ballot again. You can visit the other eight ballots and submit your votes for each ballot one time. 
  7. Utah Valley Magazine has worked to ensure accuracy on the voting options within each category. If the list of options includes an inaccurate or outdated listing — or an omission — the contestant company should contact Utah Valley Magazine directly to correct the error. Email with your business name and category(s), and we will make the correction within one business day. 


  1. AvatarMaxwell Redd Reply

    They straight up changed my life. I’ve got bipolar and I’ve never had medication that actually worked. Came in to Grandview and met with Allie, their medication specialist.

    She put me on a medication that actually worked after over a dozen other meds that didn’t work. I’m a happier and more productive person thanks to Grandview.

  2. AvatarRpercell Reply

    Dr. Trenton Jones is the BEST plastic surgeon!!! He is thoughtful and caring, answering all the questions in detail. Take precision in his work! Highly recommend!!

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