Decades: Women act their age

Walk through a woman’s lifetime from her 20s to her 80s. Spoiler alert! Each of these local girlie girls think they’re living in the best stage of life.

Angels lighting the valley: 5 Utah Valley do-gooders that share their light

The world might be getting darker, but that just makes these angels stand out even more. Meet the women who create tiny diapers and make a huge impact, the parents who established a network for families with special needs, the couple finding [...]

Dr. Cameron Egbert, DDS stitches together team at Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery

Dr. Cameron Egbert, DDS leads the team at Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery. Summit Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery Address: 642 East Kirby Lane, #101, Spanish Fork Number: (801) 798-9500 Site: summitomfs.com Sponsored Story Dr. Cameron [...]

With a second location and a food truck, Bam Bam’s puts barbecue on the menu

(Photo courtesy Bam Bam’s BBQ Facebook) Review by Mary Crafts-Homer I’ll never forget the time I cooked BBQ for George W. Bush on his stop in Utah when he ran for president the first time.    He strolled over to the grills and said, [...]

Made in UV: Hot iron holsters, shoes made for (teaching) walking

For every issue of Utah Valley Magazine, we recognize five Utah Valley grown products. Grab your wallet — these creative businesses are something you’re going to want. Silicone dreams Erin Balogh’s pedestal sink created an awkward balancing [...]

8 things Jack and Suzanna Perry want you to know about Mapleton

Jack Perry grew up in Mapleton and remembers holidays in the Historic Mapleton White Church, on the corner of Main and Maple. “You had to go out to get your bag of candy at the Christmas celebration, so we’d sneak back in through the window [...]

Intricate gingerbread houses light lives annually at the Festival of Trees

Jim Lauret’s elaborate and generous gingerbread houses feature movie scenes and are a colorful hit at the annual Festival of Trees. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst/UV Mag) When Thanksgiving rolls around, Orem’s Jim Lauret isn’t just thinking [...]

Everybody has a story: Lehi’s Colby Draper brings power to the people — literally

Colby Draper is up every day before the sun rises to exercise and meditate before he heads to work as a power lineman for Rocky Mountain Power. I grew up in Highland in the middle of six kids — two sisters and three brothers. I went to Lone [...]

Creating beams of confidence through self-defense

As a survivor of abuse, Karen Knudsen empowers women through self-defense classes. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst/UV Mag) Karen Knudsen’s favorite moment as a self-defense instructor is watching women stand a little taller — largely because she [...]

Finding light and spreading joy in the darkness of mental illness

Josie Thompson Solomon and Brighton Solomon run The 444 Project, which gained its name from Josie’s family scripture — Alma 44:4. In the verse, the Lord promises to support, keep and preserve his faithful. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst/UV Mag) When [...]

Creating rays of hope for families of children with special needs

Springville’s Mark Leck felt inspired to start the United Angels Foundation after his daughter Aubrey was born. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst/UV Mag) Before Mark and Amber Leck married, she had a dream where she learned her daughter’s name would [...]

Teeny Tears helps diaper stillborn infants with dignity

Vanessa Pollard (left) and Megan Bradshaw have made it their mission to “diaper the earth.” Together they lead Teeny Tears, a nonprofit that creates clothing for stillborns. As the calendar days were being crossed off on the way to November, [...]

Rise and shout: Patti Edwards carries on LaVell’s loving legacy

Patti Edwards downplays LaVell’s influence on BYU football. “The stadium will be gone in 25 or 30 years, but his influence on people will be generational.” The two are known for bringing out the best in others. As a mother, Patti helped [...]

Roasting the competition: Nancy Judd crafts award-winning creations

Nancy Judd is a mother of eight and a grandmother of 36 (18 granddaughters and 18 grandsons). She received this apron from Manuela Kjeilen, a chef from Norway who Nancy met at the World Food Championships. (Photo by Dave Blackhurst/UV Mag) At [...]

The fine art of living: Sue Bergin shares her wisdom both quietly and loudly

Art collecting is one of Sue Bergin’s passions. “I’m drawn to art about relationships — a kiss here, a mother and child, a father and child,” she says. She shares art regularly on her social media and invites discussion. (Photo by [...]

Gifting through grief: Sunny Mahe starts foundation in daughter’s memory

During a quiet moment at the hospital, Sunny asked Reno if he blamed her for what happened to their daughter Elsie.“He just hugged me tight and said I don’t ever want to you to ask me that again,” Sunny says.Reno then continued to say [...]

Aaron Fielding and Dalton Johnson bring the write skills to ‘Studio C’

Aaron Fielding (left) of Charlestown, Indiana jokes that he has a category built into his budget solely for Costa Vida. Dalton Johnson (center) of Sparks, Nevada has published cartoons in the New Era. The two best buds are the new male featured [...]

The lady of laughs: Library-loving Tori Pence joins ‘Studio C’

In a male-dominated comedy world, “Studio C” breaks down traditional gender roles. Tori Pence (center) recalls one script reading where Whitney Call was announced as the hospital administrator and the rest of the cast cheered. Earlier [...]

All for love and love for all: Provo’s Stephenie Larsen encircles LGBTQ youth

Stephenie Larsen knew she found the perfect place for Encircle when she discovered the rainbow stained glass windows. If a family is not supportive of an LGBTQ child, the minor is nine times more likely to commit suicide and three times more [...]

Elaine Dalton: Former LDS Young Women President’s personal progress leads her to UVU’s Board of Trustees

One of Elaine Dalton’s signature values is her colorful sense of fashion, including this Tory Burch dress she purchased in an online sale. Elaine’s daughter-in-law has picked out some of Elaine’s clothes at The Children’s Hour in Salt [...]